10 Examples Of Awesome Business Blogs

By | 2010/10/24

This is a list of top 10 awesome business blogs. I figured, showing examples of some awesome business blogs will help you understand better. This is a follow-up post to the business blogging tips that I have earlier written. Although, the list below is of some cool blogs of some cool companies – they might not be the best business blog. They are awesome though. Each of them is sure to teach you something so that you can improve your own business blog. Enjoy!

BuySellAds: The BSA company blog is also a great example on how a business blog should be. They update their articles with their latest innovations as well as the controversies and analysis related to the online ad industry, very interesting! You can visit them here- BSA blog.

Mozilla– Mozilla’s blog is the final stop for all the news, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project. Their blog really speaks volumes about their company with a great layout and theme. See it here- Mozilla blog.

Playstation: If you like playing games, then you must be a fan of Playstation. Their business blog is not too bad either. You can visit it here- Playstation Blog.

Whitehouse: It seems Barack Obama’s administration is not too bad at blogging either.  You will see that the Whitehouse blog is not that bad too. You can take a look here: Whitehouse blog.

Dogster: They have a great company blog, Dogster is among the most helpful online sources for all things dog and cat related knowledge, advice and accessories. You can check out pet info, videos and other interesting stuff on their blog. You can see their blog here – Dogster blog.

Dreamhost: They are web hosts who are quite popular among bloggers. After going through blogs of various other web hosts, I zeroed in on Dreamhost. They have a great business blog because its simple, clean and their posts are very humorous. Visit them here- Dreamhost blog.

Twitter: The authoritative micro-blogging platform has also setup a great business blog. The blog is a release from the 140-character limit and Twitter admin posts some great updates on the blog. Visit here- Twitter blog.

EA Sports: If you are crazy about sports games, there is no way you haven’t heard about EA (Electronic Arts) Sports. They are the leaders in games related to soccer, football, cricket. They also maintain a great business blog that caters to their fans. You can see it here: EA Blog.

Blackberry: You get all you can expect from a blog of a company like Blackberry. They post stuff related to the latest models they release, sneak-peaks and usage instructions you never knew existed. You can see their blog here- Blackberry blog.

Google: This is the ultimate company blog that you can learn from. The Google blog is a great place for learning insights about their products, technology and work culture. You can read their blog here – Google Blog.

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  2. WP Plugins Blog

    BSA blog got popularity in a very short time of span. I am there reader but not regularly. Yes they provide quality articles on the field of blog business.

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  4. Neil Advani

    It was a very nice idea ! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have diffused. Just continue composing this kind of post. I will be a loyal reader, thanks a lot.


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