10 Inspiring Interviews With Internet Entrepreneurs

By | 2010/05/17

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It can be extremely interesting to hear how certain entrepreneurs got their start. Not only can such tales be educational, but they can also provide inspiration and motivation to keep going as an entrepreneur struggles in the face of adversity. While not every entrepreneurial story contains the tough luck tale or ends with triumph in the face of extreme hardship, many of these stories do contain critical insights into the entrepreneurial process and personal attributes of certain entrepreneurs that we might even see a little of in ourselves.

Here are ten inspiring interviews with internet entrepreneurs that you might find interesting and from which you could even learn a little something.

  1. Joel Comm – From best selling books to business ventures, Joel Comm has a variety of entrepreneurial experience upon which to draw. There is some good information for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs that could be picked out from this quite extensive interview.
  2. Aaron Dragushan – Not every entrepreneurial idea works out quite as planned. Actually, most entrepreneurial ideas probably don’t work out as planned. Here is an example of one entrepreneur and the challenges he encountered with a $150,000 investment in a site that didn’t take off as he expected.
  3. Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni – It’s the kind of story that keeps entrepreneurs and their dreams alive. Revenue of $4432 in three weeks, $100,000 in less than five months, and revenue of $2 million by 18 months. Not too shabby, right? Learn more about entrepreneur Peldi Guilizzoni, founder of Balsamiq Studios.
  4. Chris Dixon – Ever hear of SiteAdvisor? You know, the thing that puts the little checkmark, exclamation mark, question mark or X beside a link, letting you know whether the site is safe to proceed to or not. Well, here’s an interview with the co-founder of SiteAdvisor, who ended up selling the company to McAfee for $74 million just a year and a day after he got funding for it.
  5. Christopher Knight – You might want to check out this interesting interview with Christopher Knight, founder of a little site you may have heard of – EzineArticles.com. Christopher has a great piece of advice for new or future entrepreneurs – “Do it and stop talking about doing it.”
  6. Michael Dunlop – With sites like IncomeDiary.com and Retireat21.com, Michael Dunlop has found success at an early age. Find out more about Michael and how he built his sites and success in this interview with Robb Sutton. As quoted from the interview, Michael states, “Hey, so why don’t I interview all the people that are doing really well, and then I will actually have authority content and it will be actually, genuinely good advice.” Sounds like a pretty good way to learn and teach others about entrepreneurship.
  7. Trevor Mauch – If you’re looking for some marketing tips and insights, you might find it in this interview entitled, “Trevor Mauch Young Entrepreneur Interview On Organic Web Marketing, Product Launches & Real Estate Investing”.
  8. Shakil Khan – From flipping burgers to heading up CardSmart.co.uk, it’s the kind of story that gives many entrepreneurs hope. Find out more about Shakil, or as his friends call him “Shak” and the interesting path that has led him from working at a burger joint to starting a company.
  9. Steven Hafner – As the CEO of the travel search engine, Kayak, Steven Hafner also discusses how he ended up starting Orbitz, his thoughts on Mobissimo, among other things in this seven-part interview.
  10. Mark Fasciano and John Murcott – Sure, entrepreneurs often love to dream of hitting it big, making the big score and cashing in on their success – but these aren’t the most altruistic of motives. Read about how Mark Fasciano and John Murcott became successful entrepreneurs, but did so while founding Karma411, a platform for helping non-profits with their online fundraising.

No matter if the story ends in entrepreneurial success or failure, there are often valuable lessons to be learned from the story itself. Sometimes success breads success. Sometimes success derives itself from failure, and in some cases, multiple failures. In any case, however, the entrepreneur had to make the effort in the first place to discover the result of his or her endeavors.

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