10 Things That Stop Advertisers From Approaching Your Blog

By | 2010/04/17

This guest post was brought to you by Tom Walker who is a writer for an online store offering HP supplies. When he isn’t guest posting, Tom edits and writes posts about advertising and design for the CreativeCloud.

In today’s world, it is all about the marketing. There are a number of standards that a website is required to live up to in order to get the advertisers flocking to the page. Likewise, there are a number of ways that will stop them in their tracks altogether, never noticing a website to begin with. Things that stop an advertiser from approaching your blog:

1. Being Out of Date:

If you are not up to date, or if you are inconsistent in posts while taking long breaks in between posts, advertisers will not notice you. They will feel as if though you are not around enough to have an audience, and without an audience, who will see their ads?

2. Poor Blog Design:

Advertisers enjoy a website that is easy to navigate and has easily visible sections dedicated to their ads. If the design is poor, meaning it has a poor selection of colors that make it difficult to see, or if ads are so far out of the way that hardly anybody will see them, or if the blog is so difficult to navigate, advertisers are not going to feel comfortable approaching you for purchasing a slot.

3. No Unique Information Available:

Maybe the advertisers do want to put an ad on your website. However, if you do not have a set page designated for informing hopeful advertisers where to contact you, how to contact you or how much your advertisement space will cost, then they simply cannot put ads on your website. Do not forget to go the extra mile and make it a clear, concise figure where it is easily visible from the first, starting page.

4. Changing Domains & Branding:

If you are constantly changing new websites or changing the domain altogether, it will be impossible for anybody to find you, let alone advertisers. Do not get discouraged if they are not all piling on your door from the first day – after all, Rome was not built in a day. It will take some time for the website to build popularity, meaning it will take some time before advertisers notice you are on the Internet.

5. Writing Waffle Instead of Concisely:

Though not as tasty as the similarly sounding breakfast item, advertisers will be turned off by bloggers who post an abundance of content that do not relate to one another or are a confusing mess to try and follow on a website. If you are going to discuss the latest movies, do not think out loud and type out your recollection of the time you fell off the swings and how you were reminded of that because there was a park in one of the movies for all of two seconds. Advertisers prefer a concise manner of words over a nonsensical verbosity.

6. Prolonged Inactivity:

If you do not market yourself or tell anybody that your website exists, how is anyone going to find it, let alone advertisers?

7. Clutter:

Advertisers will not look forward to buying your ad space if you are going to clutter up the website with an abundance of videos or flashing banners or any other similar content, especially near where the advertisement would be placed. It is a distraction that will draw attention away from the advertisement, which is the polar opposite of what the advertiser is looking for.

8. Lack of Visitor Demographics:

As it was stated before, advertisers want a website that has a large enough audience. If they do not know right away how popular your website is, or how many people it reaches per day, they may not feel comfortable reaching out to you for advertising space.

9. Copyscape Says No:

Advertisers will not want to be associated with you if your website is full of copy and paste information that is only unique to the person who originally wrote it elsewhere. Like a previous tip, not only is it important to have up to date information, it is important that the content is unique.

10. Practicing introvert methods:

If you don’t reach out to the advertisers, they may not find you, and it is important to get those first couple of ads in order for others to notice you are there.

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