10 Tips To Design A Business Blog

By | 2010/11/07

This post will provide tips on designing your business blog. It is very important to design blogs that help your company websites to convert visitors into loyal customers.

In the earlier post I mentioned 10 examples of some awesome business blogs. The list of examples can serve as a great illustration for you guys to see and learn how a good business blog looks like.

Here are 10 tips to design a great business blog:

Clear Layout: A clear layout is the number one consideration for a good business blog. A reader must be able to clearly visualize where your recent posts, archives, pages etc. are located. This can be achieved by keeping minimum clutter in the design of your business blog.

Graphic header: All good business blogs have a simplistic yet graphic header that has the company logo, company name and tag line. This makes it easy for a reader to know immediately who writes the blog.

Clear Tabs to Company Website: Most business blogs have a major design flaw in them. And it is that there is a no clear link to the company website. Most readers are left searching for a link which takes them to the company website. So you should make it a point to avoid such mistakes.

Tips To Design A Business Blog

Tips To Design A Business Blog

Use Colors That Match Your Company Brand: It is very important to brand your blog according to your company. Use color scheme that is used by the company and the company website. Your blog should not look totally a separate entity, it should compliment the company’s brand image.

Avoid Ads: A business blog is supposed to make money from its business and not from the ads on its blog. This is why it looks very unprofessional to readers when a business blog makes use of Google Adsense etc. Avoid third-party advertisement completely on the design of a business blog.

Email subscribe form: Always keep the free email subscription form on your business blog. Many readers might want to keep in touch using all your updates directly into their inbox. Using Feedburner is perfectly okay, you need not go in for a paid service unless you have the budget.

About page: Maintain an About page where interested readers can get a good overview about your company and the business it is involved in. At the About page you can include a little bit of sales pitch, but make sure the material looks personal and genuine.

Testimonial Page: This is a great addition to a business blog. In fact, quite an important part of the design layout. Showing testimonial from your satisfied customers can be a great way for you to gain trust from other potential customers.

Automate syndication: Make sure that whenever you post a new article, it gets published on Twitter and Facebook. There are many WordPress blog plugins that can automate the syndication for you. By automating syndication you save a lot of time by personally going over and posting links at each social network.

Kitchen Sink of Social Networks: You never know what social network your reader is active at. So the best thing for a business blog to do is to provide the complete kitchen sink of social networks. Let them spread your content as much as possible, in as many sites as possible.

What are the essential tips that you think are required to design a good business blog? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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