10 Tweaks To Improve Your Business Website’s Professionalism

By | 2011/02/21
Grabbing the attention of a visitor to your business website in the first time itself is very important. It is the instant impression that you give your visitor that is all important. Focusing on the little tweaks on the business website will help you create a fundamentally powerful website that will power your business.
The internet is a very competitive place, discount so you cannot be lax about your website readiness. It is usually the small facts that bring down the brand image and the influence of a business website. To ensure total conversion, follow these 10 tiny tweaks that will help you improve the professionalism of your business website:
  1. Make sure that you are utilizing appropriate color themes that are consistent throughout the website
  2. Maintain proper pages for “Privacy Policy”, “Contact Us” and  very well written “About Us”
  3. Use a Favicon (cannot stress enough on this point)
  4. Polish your business blog
  5. Fix any dead links within the website
  6. Showcase Testimonials
  7. Include ample and intuitive channels for website navigation
  8. Work on improving the Loading speed of your website (if it is not up-to-mark currently)
  9. Remove all ads (this is a business website after all!)
  10. Have something in your website that differentiates you from your competitors!

Here is an article that I have written on business blogs, which was quite well-received:

10 tips to design a business blog

Follow these 10 easy tips and tweak your way to having a more professional looking webpage.

One thought on “10 Tweaks To Improve Your Business Website’s Professionalism

  1. Swamykant

    Favicon is such a small thing but it is the one which says whether the site is professional or not.

    Nice post. I agree with all your points


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