10 Useful Twitter Addon Plugins For Firefox Browser

By | 2010/09/29

What happens when the world powerful micro-blogging platform Twitter and the king of browsers – Mozilla Firefox come together? Answer is, They create a social media experience at the speed of light. Twitter is a great source of traffic for most of us and they help us connect with our readers/ customers, which is why it becomes very important to be an efficient Twitterer.

Here are 10 useful Twitter addon plugins for Firefox browser:

Twitter Plugins for Firefox


TwitrPix Express– This Firefox addon allows you to post any picture from any website to Twitter without leaving that page. Once you install the addon, all you need to do is to right-click on the image and enter your Twitter credentials to post. A “view image” link will come along with your status update.

TwitGleeThis addon allows you to combine the distinct search advantages of Google and the real-time results of Twitter. You can get the results for both Google and Twitter on the same webpage.

Twicsy – If you want to search for real-time image results, then Twiscy is the perfect Firefox addon. This addon allows you to perform a real time image search of Twitpic, yFrog, flickr photos etc.

Tweetlol  – If you want to perform all the basic Twitter functions such as follow/unfollow, update status etc. without visiting Twitter then Tweetlol is a great addon. Tweetlol provides you with a sidebar to the Firefox browser which allows you to perform all the Twitter operations through that itself.

 CloudBerry TweetFox – This is a very useful addon for Twitter in Firefox browser. This allows you to post an excerpt from an article you are reading to your Twitter account. Also, it attaches a short URL to the source page of the excerpt. Very cool addon if you don’t like to retweet all the way.

TinyTweet – This addon is a lot like Cloudberry Tweetfox addon. It allows you to post any highlighted text a click of a button. It uses bit.ly service for shortening your URLs. 

TweeciousIf you have ever felt the need to have backups for your tweets then Tweecious addon is the solution for you. This addon posts all the tweets you make (that have links) to your Delicious account. So all your precious tweets are saved as a backup.

Kutano  – This addon is great to find Twitter users who are interested in the same topics as you are.  It allows you to discover Twitter users  who are interested in the same web pages you are viewing and help you connect instantly. Kutano does this through @replies.

TwitterEyes – If you are worried about the 140 characters on Twitter updates. Then this addon is your rescue. It suggests you replacements when you are posting updates exceeding 140 characters. 

Clean Tweets – This addon is the best way for a clean Twitter experience. It will help control the appearing of porn/malware links on your Twitter home. You can completely get rid of spam tweets. Clean Tweet does this by delet8ing any tweets from accounts that are less than 24hrs old and many other ways. 

I am sure you will find that these Twitter addon plugins will simplify your life and also make your work faster. Do leave your comments below.

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