10 Ways To Grow Your Internet Business Credibility

By | 2010/08/22

Building Credibility

Business credibility is something that has always been very important on the internet. If you plan to reach out to your audience and turn them into loyal followers then credibility is a must. As in the real world, the presentation of your business is the point of paramount importance. You will see here in the following points that most of them will indirectly relate to presenting yourself well.

Here are 10 ways to grow your internet business credibility:

Followers/Fans/Friends: The numbers on each of these words matter  a lot. If you really want to show that you are important, then optimize on your social media circle. If you have 10,000+ followers it means that you are competent. Same applies to your Facebook friends and fans. Get as many numbers prefixing these three words (followers/fans/friends). Ultimately, business is all about presentation.

Are You Found On Google: Everyone important and credible is found on Google. Analyze what results turn up when someone searches for your name. Make sure that it your own website or your blog that you maintain. Being found on Google with your name creates a big impact pyschologically on most people.

Your Bio: It should be able to create a powerful first impression on your clients, readers. It is possible that you do not have much to say about yourself in the beginning, keep building your bio as you gain more experience and earn credibility in the industry.

Your Avatar: Have an avatar that has a capability to stick to people’s mind. If you have a good avatar then people will begin to recognize you with your avatar, this is an important step in branding yourself. Also, a good avatar can generate interest about you in other people’s mind.

Be Involved: This is a major way to grow your business credibilty. Involve yourself in meet-ups and conferences related to your business domain. Apart from meeting new people, you will find that it has opened up new ideas and new avenues of growth to you.

Guest Post: Guest posting I have seen has generally never been a source of traffic. It has been more of a medium in which people have let other readers know that there site is also a source of credible information. Also, being published on another credible blog will automatically render you the same reliability.

Get Published At a Local Column: This is by far among the most effective ways that you can use to grow your business credibility. Being published at a local newspaper column is good for you. No matter how small it may be.

Get Recommendations: If there are any big-shots you know online or people who are more well-known than you. Then you should consider getting recommendations from them. Much like the reviews that people give on best-selling novels. As said before, business is all about presentation.

Video Blog (Vlog): Video blogging has started to catch on. No doubt you feel that it might be easier for you to shoot a video rather than type out all the stuff, but, it has its own difficulties. Upload videos about you/your business to build credibility. Videos show confidence.

PodCast: Podcasting is nothing but using audio presentations on your site. You could either podcast yourself or you can even call over other bloggers etc. to share their experiences with you. It will allow you to grow as someone who has a wide reach on the internet.

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  1. Siddharth

    Great work !!
    Well sad.. Followers/Fans/Friends/google

    Shortly, SEO and SMM are important 🙂


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