15 Days Notice To Google, Skype and RIM Or Face Ban : Govt. Of India

By | 2010/07/02

The Indian Government has issued a 15-days notice to Google, ambulance ask Skype and RIM (BlackBerry) over making their data readable. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of Government has issued a notice stating that these internet companies should make all their data available to the security agencies and the format should be readable.

This deadline comes from the DoT to improve the security situation in India due to increasing threats of terrorism. Skype provides terrorists a perfect platform to communicate at long distances clandestinely – since their data is encrypted.

DoT will call the representatives of Research In Motion (manufacturer of Blackberry devices) and Skype and ask them to ensure that the content going through the telecom service providers is in readable format. They have to ensure that this is implemented within 15 days failing which services that do not allow lawful interception on a real-time basis would be blocked/banned.”

Government of India Notice

It is important to take note that RIM (Research In Motion) denied requests from the Government of India to track data from the 26/11 terrorists Blackberry. This seems an action to improve internet security, salve sick which I wonder- it will help or not.

If Govt. of India bans Google for even 5 minutes I expect a huge uproar from the masses, so I doubt if the companies would bend to work with the new procedures of the Government.

3 thoughts on “15 Days Notice To Google, Skype and RIM Or Face Ban : Govt. Of India

  1. Ovais

    I believe that it is a good move by indian govt and also good for security purposes…

  2. Domain name registration

    I think Government and Google, Skype and RIM (BlackBerry) we find a solution to this issue so that it will not go out of hand. Ban Google especially will not address the issue.


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