3 Reasons Why You Must Guest Post

By | 2010/11/11

Guest Posting has become a good way for bloggers to gain quality backlinks for their blogs. No doubt, no rx case one guest post benefits both the guest blogger as well as the blog on which the content is posted. It is a truly symbiotic relationship.

This post will not cover the technical benefits you gain from guest posts but instead, see it tells the reasons why you should guest post.  Here in this post I am sharing 3 reasons why you must guest post:


This is the best way to let readers know that your blog exists as well. By writing a guest post on blogs that are more popular than yours, you get to reach and connect with more audience. Readers who are not aware that your blog exists will come to know about it and can end up being returning visitors for your blog.

Gain Confidence

Every time your guest post is published on a popular blog, you will see a surge in your confidence. You will see that your article gets a lot of comments which you might not be enjoying on your blog. This will assure you that your content writing skills are good and that it is only a matter of time. Moreover, getting a guest article published on an authority blog will also build your reputation among readers.

Showcase Writing Skills

A guest post allows you to showcase your writing skills to the others. I have been among the very lucky few who has earned freelance opportunities. This has been possible due to some bloggers who noticed me via guest posts and requested me to become a ghost writer for them.

Guest posting is a trend which is gaining popularity among many bloggers. It is a great way which offers many advantages.

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  1. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Nice post. Best part gain confidence I liked that. Keep posting!


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