3 Ways For Effective Relationship Marketing

By | 2010/07/22

Social Media presence is very necessary if you are doing affiliated marketing. Relationship marketing is one of the best way to sell your products direct to your customers. Interacting with individuals, medical convincing them for buying your products, for sale making them realize about the importance of a product is  all about Relationship marketing.

Social Media helps you to build a strong network and sell your products through relationship marketing. Although relationship marketing can be done without social media, ed however they can save you time. Instead of finding peoples, why not go to a place where you can find interested buyers for your products. However you must follow these 3 tips to make your relationship marketing effective.

1. Introduction

Starting direct from the promotion is not going to help, first introduce yourself. Interact with individuals, join different groups, post comments, give suggestions and build some reputation on the site. After that you can start promoting your product.

2. Communication

In relationship marketing communication plays very important role. No one is going to buy your product or service if your communication power is weak. So improve your communication skill and convince the user so that he can buy your product or service.

3. After Sale Services

Don’t think about one sale per one user. You will have to make long term relationship with your customers. After selling your service or product to your customer, send him/her monthly or weekly emails about the product or service. Ask him if he/she is facing any problem. In this way you will gain long term customers, and this will be your big achievement if you will gain long term customers.

Hope these tips will help you to make your relationship marketing effective and sell your products or service to your customers. Affiliated marketing is all about marketing your product or service in such way so that people can buy it. So follow the tips to earn good money from affiliated business.

This is a guest post  by Mark, who is working for Go-gulf.com, a Dubai based web design company that provides web design solution in Kuwait, Bahrain, Sharjah and Middle East. You too can do a guest post on CollegeFallOut.

5 thoughts on “3 Ways For Effective Relationship Marketing

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  2. Tia - BizChickBlogs

    I think the biggest, most important factor here is scale. You have to have a funnel plan in mind so that you can take the relationship from first handshake (virtually) to customer. Since you don’t want to approach a total stranger with “Hi, would you like to buy my stuff?” the relationship part is so essential, but it can’t be so focused that you forget or miss your opportunity to sell.


  3. Mia

    I have to admit that the toughest of all three is to build a long term relationship with your buyer/user. The hardest part is to gain its trust, but once you’ve done that you’ve acquired a loyal customer.

  4. Domain name registration

    Understanding relationship marketing is vital to your true success in online business. Building trust online is very important for everyone who sell product and service online, in order to create a good, benevolent presence. Buying is an emotional decision, so by channeling yourself and your products via a good natural relationship with customer bring you better result.


    Social media is a vast field and to capitalize on it one to have full command over it… of-course one can make lot of good long term relationship.. but you have to delicate your self to system. I have done SN and got so fab result through it… many people are keen to talk with you, they just ping on facebook or tweet that is your company all about.. and during chat I found they are quite interested in our services…
    Blogging about your company and posting your expertise over certain topic also make huge difference …

    I like your post.. good informative text..


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