4 Things I Wish All New Visitors Did On My Blog

By | 2010/04/28

CollegeFallOut has a lot of new visitors. Many of them hardly let me know they were here. I can just see the posts that they read and that is it. For this reason, I am writing this post which is basically a rant on what I wish all my new visitors would do when they come to this blog. Yeah and you should do the points below even if you are an old reader of mine and have not already completed my tiny-miny wishes!

Like CollegeFallOut on Facebook:

I really wish every new visitor that my blog welcomed would go and like me on Facebook. This way it will be cool for us to connect on such an awesome social platform like Facebook.

Subscribe to the Updates:

After looking at the awesome inspiration and quality of the posts in my blog (shameless self-promotion going on!) I want that my visitors quickly type in their email on the form to their right and confirm it right away. This way, you can get all the inspirational and quality posts CollegeFallOut offers right into your inbox. I know you know that, but I just explained any way!

Comment on My Post:

I wish that every visitor who read content on this blog would leave a comment below. Two reasons for that: (1)I would love to visit back and read your blog. As I love exploring new blogs. (2) CollegeFallOut is a DoFollow blog, come on get a few back links already!

Follow Me @Twitter:

It would be awesome if  then all new visitors quickly connect to me on real time so I can share all the crazy experience I have in my life in 140 characters. Follow me on Twitter!

Still don’t want to do it? Well…

4 thoughts on “4 Things I Wish All New Visitors Did On My Blog

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    i love to see people commenting on my blog but i hate spammers, that turns me off when i see them

    i like your post thanks for the share


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