5 Cool Ways For A Startup Entrepreneur To Stay Motivated

By | 2011/01/11

An entrepreneurs journey is a winding and hard path. Even with all the difficulty it may not be sure that you succeed. It is very important that an entrepreneur does not slump into a low phase, as it will affect his efficiency. Moreover, the founder of a startup is responsible for absorbing all the pain so that his employees can avoid the worries and focus on  their job. Considering that, an entrepreneur must indeed ensure he remains self-motivated.

In this post I have mentioned 5 cool ways in which a startup entrepreneur can remain motivated.

Read Inspirational Books

There are so many talented entrepreneurs in this world, you’d be amazed by their wisdom and skill with entrepreneurship. The good part is that, these amazing people share their knowledge with the world – through books. They write inspirational books that will make you look up to in awe and earn all the pearls of wisdom that they gleaned out of years of struggle and success in entrepreneurship. For me, self-help books are the number one way to remain morivated. Nothing better than super-entrepreneurs like Richard Branson sharing his insights and experience openly.

Top 10 Inspiring Books For Entrepreneurs

Listen to Inspiring Music

Music touches your soul. Whether you are happy, sad, angry or sober – music can express all your feelings. Another cool for an entrepreneurs to stay motivated is to listen to awesome music. For that reason, I have also compiled a list of awesome motivational singles for entrepreneurs, you can check them out or add your own:

Top 10 Motivational Songs For Entrepreneurs

Watch Inspirational Movies

Research has shown that visual learning is the most effective form of grasping for humans. For that reason, a good inspirational movie based on entrepreneurship can be an eye-opener for entrepreneurs. There are many awesome movies that are inspiring for entrepreneurs. I have compiled a list of some of the best motivational movies for entrepreneurs, you can check them out:

The 7 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

Read Blogs Of Other Successful Entrepreneurs

Blogs are a get way to get an almost daily update on what the best entrpreneurs are upto. They share their thoughts on their day-to-day progress and share the views on the latest developments. It is a great way to get motivated as well as stay on top of all the news. Here is the list compiled of the top entrepreneur blogs:

The Top Entrepreneur Blogs On The Internet

Start Being Awesome

This is the final tip. I know its cool, so you can find this tip to be the most useful of all perhaps. Barney Stinson, the legendary character from the popular series How I Met Your Mother sums it up –

“When I feel sad, I stop being sad and become awesome instead!”

Cheers to awesomness. Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “5 Cool Ways For A Startup Entrepreneur To Stay Motivated

  1. kiza

    If you believe in yourself and you believes that whatever you does, it will turn out to be a success. Of course, this doesn’t work out all the time, but you will accomplish more with confidence than without!

  2. Rose

    Nice listing of tiny books full of wisdom and lessons in life. Reading any one of it benefits you. Hope to have copies of these someday.

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