5 Quick Ways To Get New Blog Content Everyday

By | 2010/10/30

New content is the Search engine’s food and if you keep feeding it to the search engines regularly, then you will see positive results in traffic. A blog that has a very high posting frequency is crawled much more often by the search engine spiders. A site which is rarely updated gets crawled even more rarely and ends up standing no where in search engine results.

How To Get New Content Everyday

How To Get New Content Everyday

But, we bloggers know that it is not that easy to get new content every day for a blog. Sometimes, the mind just cannot come up with anything worthwhile to type. Still there is no space for slack and it is required of a blogger to provide new content.

So here are 5 quick ways to get new blog content:

Cover Frequently Asked Questions

There are always a lot of FAQs related to a particular niche. Your first aim as a blogger should be to cover all the FAQ related to the niche that you are blogging about. Additionally, you could also set up a FAQ section on your blog where readers can ask you their questions. You can reply to their queries as a new content on your blog.

Make lists

This is a great way to get new content. I would never put up a post on Content on this blog without mentioning the great advantages of writing “List” posts. Lists are a great way to get your readers interest. In fact, I have noticed it is usually the most effective kind of posts for blogs. You need not always have a “top 10” post. It can have any number of points. Here are some samples:

Case Studies

If you have seen a project that has gone on to be a failure or success. Go ahead and analyze what factors contributed to the outcome. Document the details and post it as a new blog content. Communicating stories of success and failure is a great way to provide value to your readers.

Review a product

Reviewing a product is a great way to create new content. You can review just about anything that is related to your niche. You can pick a book, service, person, tool, etc. for your review. Here is a sample:

Interview an expert

Interviewing an expert is perhaps among the best ways that you can get fresh content for your blog. Because when you interview an expert, not only are you getting valuable content, you also generate a lot of authority. Interviews are always well-received and usually have a great viral capacity.

Always remember that it is your content which will ultimately decide your success. Just keep the posts coming and you will see yourself doing great online.

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3 thoughts on “5 Quick Ways To Get New Blog Content Everyday

  1. Dan | Epic 4G

    If you have no time to writing, you can also accept guesting post. That’s easy and fast way to help you get the content as free ( after offering the backlink for author ) everyday.

  2. DailyTechPost

    Well if you don’t have anything interesting to write you can always write on something latest that has happened in your niche round the globe. 🙂

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @DTP- Yes, writing about the latest stuff is also a good idea. However, writing latest news is generally a very “me too” kind of post which I try to avoid.

      Thanks for your comments!


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