5 Reasons To Start An Internet Business In College Now

By | 2010/05/14

This post tells you 5 reasons why you need to start an internet business while in college. If you are someone who has an entrepreneurial bent of mind then this is the post for you. This post focuses mainly on college students however, I am sure that everyone has a little to learn from this post. Famous internet entrepreneurs like Milun Tesovic started business while still 16. Currently, Milun has completed his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration).

16-Years Old MetroLyrics Founder - Milun Tesovic (far left)

16-Years Old MetroLyrics Founder - Milun Tesovic (far left)

Time: Time is the most essential factor to succeed online. You need to have a lot of time to put in your energy and effort to startup your internet business. When you are in college you don’t have the responsibility to feed your family, nor do you have to pay the electricity bill nor worry about mortgages and such. College is a great time in everyone’s life where one can behave like an adult with the carefree nature of a child. It is up to you to make the most of this time.

Everyone Needs Pocket Money: While in college, everyone needs pocket money. It may be for buying the totally rad car or maybe even to take a girl out on a date. You can easily find suitable people in your college campus who have the specialties you require. Provide you pay them decently – you can get a lot of work done. Even then, the fees students would ask you will be much lesser than a professional would ask you for. The quality of the work will not be very different either. So its a win-win situation for you.

Cheap and Easy Availability of Resources: In a college campus you have free wi-fi, free electricity (at least for you), a laptop – these things are more than enough resources for you to give impetus into your internet business. The ease at which you can meet your requirements in college is unmatched and moreover, the resources are easily available. Moreover, in college it will be easier for you to find someone who is like-minded and may be partner you in entrepreneurship. There are clubs, groups and lot of people who may know a lot about the area you intend to initiate an internet business. Just imagine the scope for these – if you are not in college, so value the environment and make the most of it. Create an asset for yourself in those magic years.

Easy Publicity: Do you know about Mark Zuckerberg? He is the Founder of Facebook – the world’s most popular social networking site. He started this site from his dorm room – the site was a hit in his university. But eventually  the word-of-mouth is so powerful in college and universities that other universities also heard of Facebook and began to join it. Soon Mark Zuckerberg realized that he was onto something and that is how this revenue powerhouse was created. I want to emphasize here that while in college it is easier for you to get the word around about your startup. There are college notice boards, campus newsletters and a lot of other mediums where you can reach out and spread the word. And of course, do not ever underestimate the power of word-of-mouth publicity, it is the best kind of exposure you can get.

Enthusiasm: At the age that we are in college, we are more prone to taking a plunge into risks and work harder. As a startup in the internet you need to work really hard. Energy and health will definitely not be a problem for you in the youth. Moreover, you understand the value of money and it is generally seen that college students are good at boot-strapping creatively. These skills can be priceless for your internet business.

The best time to start any business not necessarily online is definitely in college. However, many fail to realize this until too late. Of course, have your fun while in college but trust me when you run your own company while still in your 20s it is a different feel altogether. Becoming a college entrepreneur is really cool and something which will earn you a lot of respect. If you are looking for a little bit of direction and inspiration, you would love to read Moonlighting on the Internet: 5 World-Class Experts Reveal Proven Ways to Make Extra Cash. It is paperback written by famous internet entrepreneur Yanik Silver.

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    I would say the Age factor and Enthusiasm are the most important things. Because of such factors, the young College people have some advantage..And they should make proper use of this advantage and profit from it..
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