5 Reasons Why I Sell More BSA Ads Than Other Popular Blogs

By | 2010/11/06

I am about to hit the first $50 payout for BuySellAds.com (BSA). And yesterday as I was browsing a few other blogs and I noticed a lot of empty BSA “Ad Here” boxes on them.  Surprisingly, they were blogs with a smart 5-digit Alexa rank and good Pagerank. That is when I realized that I was doing something right due to which I am able to sell more BuySellAds advertisements than other more popular blogs.

“Success doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with an unwavering commitment…”

Yes, I do make more money from BSA than a few other high-traffic blogs.

BuySellAds Dashboard Screenshot

BuySellAds Dashboard Screenshot

No doubt, the money may not be a four-digit number but definitely enough revenue for this humble blog. So how do I manage to sell more BSA ads than other blogs?

I thought about a few of the reasons why this blog sells more BSA ads and here is what I think I did right:

Unique Niche:

This is the number one reason an advertiser would willing spend on a mediocre-traffic blog. Collegefallout focuses on internet entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and some blogging tips. There are very few blogs that are totally dedicated towards internet entrepreneurs. A few high-traffic blogs that cater to this niche are very expensive to advertise, whereas my niche is unique as well as cheap to advertise.

No Third-Party Ads:

I will say this is another very big factor that I believe has helped me sell more ads. When BSA ads are live on my blog I do not use third-party ads such as Google Adsense. By doing this, the advertiser does not have to compete with other advertisers for your visitor.

Limited Ad Boxes:

It is not enough to avoid third-party ads alone. If you want to maximize the chance of selling more BSA ads then you must limit the number of BuySellAds ad boxes as well. Two-three ad boxes on a blog with medium traffic is ideal. Make sure that none of your advertisers have to go for rotational ad display. If you are taking money from advertisers, then give them their money’s worth!

Low Pricing:

All my ad boxes are priced at the lowest rate allowed of $10. I have seen a few blogs that would needlessly make it $12 – like the extra $2 would make a lot of difference. Always prices your ad boxes in whole numbers and quit skinflinting for $2 or so.

Ad Placement:

Place your ads on the best places of your blog. Don’t try to be over smart by keeping them at blind spots of visitors. If you want to make money then you must be willing to give something in return – that includes the premium spots that you may want to keep reserved such as header, sidebar top etc.

I hope you find these 5 points useful to sell more BuySellAds on your blog as well. If you have any other views on this, then please share with me below!

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Sell More BSA Ads Than Other Popular Blogs

  1. TechChunks

    Its great to see that you have been seeing success with BSA. Congrats to you.

    However, I had given them a try and I felt their minimum payout (You need $25 before you can take your income out) policy to be pure BS! I have stopped using them ever since and have been seeing far greater success selling direct ads — no minimum payouts, higher income without having to pay any commission to the ad agency!

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @TechChunks- Selling direct ads is always the best way to maximize profits. However, all blogs do not get offers for direct ads and that is where ad brokers like BSA come in handy.

      BSA has increased their minimum payout to $50!

  2. David Shaw

    I noticed some interesting stuff in the comments here.

    @TechChunks, if you are still struggling then I suggest you try Puxee.com. They pay the money directly into your account when a sale is made on your blog.

    No waiting for payouts!!

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Hi David, I just checked out the website you suggested. I think it is pretty awesome to be paid instantly. I never knew it existed. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Hi Ayush,

      So much has changed since then, BSA is no longer my highest revenue earner.

      Yes, by this method it is only $36, but it depends on lot of factors such as: how well you Google ads perform, what is your BSA ad unit pricing etc. For me at that time, $50 a month was pretty good earning.

      It was a good thing you joined in the conversation. Hope to have you here more often.



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