5 SEO Tips I Learned From Popular Blogs

By | 2010/10/09

A strong SEO strategy is generally the main characteristics of a High-Traffic blog. There are many popular blogs on the internet and I decided to study the few points which make them really popular. And surprisingly, discount I found out that most blogs do not have a very complex SEO campaign or anything as such. Most of the SEO strategy they follow is quite simple to execute and in fact, common sense really.

SEO Tips From Popular Blogs

SEO Tips From Popular Blogs

Here are 5 SEO tips I learned from popular blogs:

Awesome Publishing Frequency: Most blogs that are hugely popular post almost 3 posts everyday. Their articles may not be of particularly high-quality or very long in length but the posting frequency is amazing. Google bots love blogs that post 2-3 articles everyday. It is easier to earn authority in Google if you have a high publishing frequency. Post frequently even if you article length goes down to about 250-300 words.

Strong Internal Links: This is a very key point in popular blogs. All their articles have interlinks to almost 3-4 other related articles. These related articles are interlinked under anchor texts. This makes it easier for bots to crawl older posts as well. Moreover, it allows you to expose your readers to other cool older articles on your blog. Google has also explicitly stated that a website with strong internal links is generally ranked higher in Search engine results (SERPs).

No Keyword Obsession: Ever since a blogger begins to blog he is taught the importance of keywords. Most beginners end up stuffing the keyword umpteen number of times in their articles. What I noticed in popular blogs is that they hardly obsess over keywords in their articles. Of course, they appear a couple of times maybe, but otherwise they mainly optimize for a keyword by using their URL structure, Headline and tags. This way the reader is also not irritated by the recurring keywords in the post. It is indeed an art to SEO a blog post.

Natural Link Building: Building links naturally is the way to go. Popular blogs hardly focus on link building in the initial stages of their blog. Their main strategy to gain back links is by writing such excellent posts that it gets viral-ed and linked by webmasters from other blogs. Also, a good guest post routine is perhaps the best way to earn quality and natural backlinks.

Just the correct basics: This is actually a final point which will tell you the bottom line about the SEO followed by popular blogs. They know the importance of SEO, but do not go overboard with it. Whenever, you write an article, keep SEO in the back of your head and prioritize your readers. It is much more important to establish and emotional connect with your readers rather than have a blog that is made for SEO.

I learned that you can educate yourself well about SEO. But do not make it a very desperate part of your game plan. Most popular blogs know that the best way to SEO their blog is by keeping things as simple as possible. Hope you found this post useful. Do leave your comments below.

12 thoughts on “5 SEO Tips I Learned From Popular Blogs

  1. faris

    nice tips man, in my country there is an unique idea to get high traffic, it gives a reward such t-shirt or another thing for a top commentator.

  2. faris

    im from Indonesia, i just know http://www.road-entrepreneur.com as a blog that do such thing, each month a top comentator got a new reward such as a T-shirt from Indonesian Popular T-shir Ecommerce (Gantibaju.com). It encourage people to give many comments to thats blog, maybe there are many blog in Indonesia do this technique , but i dont know

  3. Mia

    It’s also important to answer comments, and don’t neglect your readers.

  4. iPad POS

    Wow, awesome SEO tips you have shared with us here. Thanks for passing them along here. This is such a great help. This is certainly an unique idea to acquire relevant and quality traffic, Brilliant share!

  5. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Nice points. Post frequency is really important with technorati too. You are good observer and learned i think.

  6. Rajesh

    Publishing frequency isnt important for any blog. If your blog have decent articles to attract visitors then then there is no need of updating your blog daily.

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @Rajesh- Thanks for your input. But I personally find blogs that publish regularly become much more popular in the long run.

  7. melina

    Internal links to other pages of your site utilizing keyword anchor text is one of the basic elements of SEO. It is an easy way to boost traffic to other pages of your website and to also increase your internal page rank structure. Avoid excessive linking, you don’t want to annoy your visitors and to also get blacklisted as a spammer.

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  8. Amit

    A major problem i hav is that my posts are not on a particular topic. Been a general MBA I choose to write on different topics of interest. I hav just started and would like to know if its possible to built a readership for such a blog.


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