5 Sure-fire Ways To Know If Your Blog Will be Successful Or Not

By | 2009/11/22

#1: You Love It

If you love your blogging then you will most probably be successful at it. So many people start blogging because they heard of the Make Money Online buzz. They all quit in a few months time as they lack patience and dedication. Most successful blogs look easy to emulate but in reality there has been a lot of effort which has went into it. Passion is the first and foremost ingredient to blogging success.

#2: There Is Money To Be Made

Whatever niche you select it is important to understand whether it has value. Make Money Online/Blogging Tips niches are saturating the internet. Although, mind there is money in it. So it would be more profitable if you have a blog on finance, decease entertainment, arts etc. Remember that there is always potential in all niches – but some have more money in it than others.

#3: You Can Do All The Important Aspects Of The Blog Yourself

If you yourself can – buy your domain name – buy your web host – install WordPress – basic SEO – knowledge in the niche, then you can check this point off. Many start-up bloggers are not conversant with this – they require help from friends etc. Eventually many either trail off their blogs – although some slowly learn the tricks of the trade. So make it a point to know all the basics of blogging. The best way is to go through all the pro-blogger archives on the internet.

#4: You Can Bootstrap Yourself

When you begin a new blog it is easy to get distracted – buying a premium theme, then spending on ad programs such as AdWords etc. The fact is, unless you are launching a business or service – you do not require these frivilous expenditures. You have to bootstrap yourself until the income begins to come to you.

#5: You Have Patience to Tweak and Tweak and Keep Tweaking

It is an interesting fact to me that each day I become better an better at blogging. I assure it is the case with all bloggers. With each day passing you learn new promotional methods, better writing skills, improving your blog SEO etc. A person requires patience for this and those who have it can achieve good success at blogging.

Hope you find the list useful to understand the core lessons for blogging. Eager to provide you with more interesting stuff.

Vivek Krishnan

6 thoughts on “5 Sure-fire Ways To Know If Your Blog Will be Successful Or Not

  1. izzat aziz

    like you say, you can only be successful in something when you willing to put more time on it.. same as blogger without enough interest blog surely not for you.

    to make sure you’re successful in blogging, always looking for knowledge and learn from mistake.

  2. Vivek Post author

    patience is very important in blogging Aziz, you are right – you caught the main idea of the post!

  3. DBSR

    Thanks for the great tips…they are very useful as I just began my blog about 2 weeks ago. I am trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible about blogging and it seems that everything I read is an “ooooh” factor.


    1. Vivek Post author

      thanks dbsr!

      whats your name? also remember to be very personal at your blog…”DBSR”does not exactly connect with many people does it?

  4. Andrea Watson

    it is not always very easy to earn money online, it is a lot of work too.`~-

  5. Swashata

    Pretty much well said! I think I have passed all 5 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love coding more than blogging and I blog about coding πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ … Your points are just gr8


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