5 Things Inception Movie Teaches About Entrepreneurship And Startups

By | 2010/12/01

This post is for all those guys out there who watched the movie – Inception. When I saw Inception, there was one thing that crossed my mind, “This movie can teach us a lot about the startup philosophy”. If you are one of those who analyzes most things entrepreneurially, then there is no way that you could miss the ample lessons Inception teaches about startups and entrepreneurs.

Inception Lesson For Entrepreneurs

Inception Lesson For Entrepreneurs

Here are 5 things Inception movie can teach you about entrepreneurship and startups:

Ability to Take Risks:

When Cobb accepted Saito’s job to perform inception – it was a big risk that he took. Cobb knew that if he was involved in the dream there was a risk that the extraction fails because of Mal. But it was a risk he had to take if he wanted to achieve his goal. Risks are also an integral part of startups – very few startups make it one piece outside their first year.

Efficient Team work:

If there is one thing that was evident from Inception, it was the importance of a synchronized team work. Right from the level one of the dream it was the team players that mattered. A good architect for the dream, someone who can time the “kick” and a chemist for formulating an effective sedative. If there were communication gaps or if the team lacked the necessary co-ordination it would have been impossible to successfully complete inception. So similarly, for your startup, you should go out of your way to ensure that you have a skilled and efficient team.

Efficient Leadership:

Dominic Cobb’s leadership played a pivotal role in the successful inception of Robert Fischer’s mind. In the first level of his dream itself, while the others were wanting to quit, Cobb insisted on completing what they had started. He was also the person who had the most skills for inception and everyone looked up to him. Cobb was also very efficient in delegating work to an architect, chemist etc. Leadership is also something that matters a  lot for startups. A person who does not command respect and cannot delegate work is a poor leader and a team with a weak leader is rarely successful.

Burning Desire:

To take on a operation as risky as inception and to go through so much pain-staking effort to setup an inception – it required passion and burning desire. Cobb’s desire to reunite with his kids back in America was the driving force that led him to take on the difficult case and complete it successfully. An entrepreneur needs endless energy and should be hungry for achieving his goal, only that will help him get through the setbacks which will be faced in starting up.

Something Always Goes Wrong:

Despite Cobb and his team’s best efforts to make sure nothing went wrong, many things went wrong and that too right from the beginning of their operation. It is a matter of fact that things always go wrong in everything, we must be strong and creative to overcome such obstacles. Many entrepreneurs fail to be successful with their startup because they do take obstacles very seriously and do not tackle them effectively. It is important to remember that something always goes wrong.

So these are a few things that an entrepreneur can learn about startups from the movie – Inception. An awesome movie no doubt! Do let me know your view below.

5 thoughts on “5 Things Inception Movie Teaches About Entrepreneurship And Startups

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  2. Tej Kohli

    I had watched this movie twice and its amazing also , One point I had discovered that this movie also give us inspiration to get succes ownself and never depends upon anybody

  3. cathrin

    Inception, one of best movie I’ve ever seen. And loved your post. Keep it up.


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