5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

By | 2011/07/07

We can all name a few blogs that would be categorized as huge successes.  But they didn’t get that way overnight.  Each blogmaster was very deliberate when it came to the steps they took that eventually got them to where they are now.  So, what can you do to put your blog on the path to future success too?  Use these tips to begin building a successful blog today.

1. Be true to yourself
 Write posts from your heart.  Be personal.  While a lot of posts are meant to be informative or instructional, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own touches on them and use first person language (ex. I, me, mine).  The most successful blogs are those that are both professional and personal.  Let your readers get know you through your blog and you will have a better chance of success.

2. Make it useful
 Most of the popular blogs are popular because they are useful.  Yes, there are some phenomenons, but for the most part readers subscribe to a blog because the posts are helpful and increase their knowledge on a topic that they are interested in.  Approach every post from the reader’s perspective.  How realistic is my how-to post?  Is this new information that readers haven’t heard before?  Your goal is to be the know-all, end-all blog in your particular niche and the way to do that is to post dangerously useful content.

3.  Social media-ize your blog
 Bluntly put: you can’t afford to NOT take full advantage of social media.  It’s so simple to use and can have a good return on time-investment if you regularly use it.  Use Twitter to push your posts and interact with readers, and get on Digg, delicious, and StumbleUpon.  In addition, the power of networking with other bloggers should not be underestimated.  Find the big, well-established blogs in your niche and send them a link to a post of yours (only if it’s AMAZING and their readers will find it very interesting). Keep in mind, that 99% of the time, you won’t hear back from them because they get hundreds of spam messages and emails like yours every day.  However, you may just get lucky once or twice which is all you need!

4.  Use attention catchers
 Attention getting images and titles should become best practice for your blog.  Usually your image and title is what the reader sees first.  If they aren’t compelling enough, they won’t read any further and perhaps move on to the next blog that’s similar to yours.  However, if you have a great image and title, that brings you one step closer to winning over a new reader.

5. Interact with your readers
 When a reader takes the time to read your post, digest it, and leave a comment, that’s pure gold.  You don’t want to leave them hanging out to dry!  Since a blog is really just a big conversation, take the time to read your comments and respond to them.  Whether you reply with  a quick “thanks for your input!” comment or answer any questions, this goes a long way with readers and will keep them coming back for more.  In addition, don’t forget to respond to those following you on social media channels.  If a follower replies to one of your tweets, make sure you respond.  People want to get to know the mastermind behind the blog, so show yourself through your interactions!

Now that you have these important tips under your belt, you can begin your journey to a successful blog now!  The best way to learn is to try these steps and see which ones work best for you and be ready to tweak and hone them to fit you and your blog.  You too can create a popular blog.  All it takes is a little discipline and deliberation.  Happy blogging!

About the author:  Julia is a writer passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When she’s not running her dog she can sometimes be found writing about Smartlipo, cooking and a myriad of other topics.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

  1. Gusztav

    I am hoping to put that into action soon enough. Cheers people.

  2. Jason Mitchev

    Putting it all out there on social media can be intimidating. If I take the time to write something, sometimes I find it easier if strangers are going to read it than if people I know are going to read it. In some ways, I guess, there is safety in being unknown.

  3. David Josh

    Great post for a new-bee blogger like me, must follow tips. Thanks !


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