5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

By | 2010/11/10

Startups, whether internet based or not need a name. This is where this post will come in handy for you. Choosing a great name for your startup which will help you with online presence is an uphill task. Entrepreneurs should focus on choosing such a name for their startup that can help them brand easily on the web. You cannot ignore the web anymore. The name of your startup must be able to create a brand online without conflicts.

So here are 5 practical tips to name your startup so as to to suit the internet.

Try to convey what your company is about: Your startup name should be able to give a hint to others at what it is about. Totally made-up names like “Xerox” etc. may be used but using words that are present in the English vocabulary will make it easy for other to remember your company. This is the first fundamental step to choose a name for your startup so it can perform well online.

Make sure you get the “.com”: Pretty obvious, and yet not so. There are many entrepreneurs who would settle for a “.net” or “.org” along with their startup name. This is an absolute no, you need to get the “.com” extension for your startup’s name, so choose accordingly. The reason is that most people would type in your company name and hit “Ctrl+Enter”. So be careful about this.

Brand Your Startup Online

Brand Your Startup Online

Make sure you get the trademark: Getting a domain name registered under your name and earning a trademark right for it are two different things. So when you get a “.com” extension domain name that suits your startup make sure that you also get the trademark for that name so as to avoid conflicts with another brand that is already using it!

The Facebook Page should be available: 500 million users on Facebook, that is one Facebook user for every 14 people. Check on Facebook that your Facebook fanpage user is not taken. Try visiting http://facebook.com/username and see if there’s something there.

The Twitter handle must be available: Last but not the least, the Twitter handle must available. Period. Don’t play with hyphens or numbers. It is your brand and you need a simplistic Twitter handle that flatly represents your company name. That is the way to go.

Once you check on these points, an entrepreneur can finally be sure that his chosen name for the startup can be active on the internet as well. Which is becoming increasingly important each day.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips To Name A Startup: To Create A Brand Online

  1. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Getting facebook name and twitter username is really hard as every possible good name is already registered. One more point don’t use personal name as later you might find hard to sell your business.

    You are really good at writing. I am your fan!


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