5 Tips To Find More Blogs For Submitting Your Guest Posts

By | 2010/12/12

There are lots of ways we can generate quality backlinks for our websites. But some of popular methods for building quality backlinks are article submission, illness do follow blog commenting, drug discussion forums, social media submission etc. But my favorite method for building links, traffic and branding for a website is using guest blogging method. You can get some links from a top blog in your niche by contributing a guest post for them only. This is the easiest method we can get in touch with the most popular blogs in your industry. In today’s article, I’m going to discuss top 5 tips can use to find more blogs for submitting their guest posts:

1. Other Blogs in Your Niche

Create a list of top blogs in your niche and contact their blog intension of submitting some guest posts on their blogs. When you approach other bloggers in your niche, most of them will respond in a positive fashion.

2. Blogs Having Submit Posts Section

Make search on Google with the keywords related to guest blogging like guest post, submit guest post, post submission, write for us etc and get in touch with the owner of those blogs to find more potential blogs for guest blogging. Here is a list of 50 blogs that allows Guest Blogging with their page rank, Alexa Rankings and guest post submission guidelines etc.

3. Be Part of Guest Blogging Contests

Be a Part of Guest Blogging Contest run by other blogs in your niche. I himself have been running a Guest Blogging Contest on my Scopeformoney blog where you can submit your guest posts. You can win some quick cash or other freebies with regular guest blogging benefits with contests created around guest blogging.

4. Using Discussion Forums

Create threads on discussion forums created around SEO and Blogging community showing your interest in contributing guest posts on other blogs in your niche. You should also reply to already created threads by other bloggers in your industry where they are inviting other bloggers for sharing quality guest posts.

5. Using Social Media Networks

We can serve the purpose of networking with fellow bloggers by being active on Social Media Networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. And once have established connection with fellow bloggers; ask them will they allow you submit your posts on their respective blogs.

Are you using any of these methods for finding blogs for contributing guest post or you have some other resources that I missed, please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Craig

    Great advice, link building is still probably the most important task we can accomplish…there is a great plugin for firefox that will list google search results by page rank, it is called SEOQuake.


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