5 Ways Internet Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Online Presence

By | 2011/01/24

Creating a presence online is not easy, view but there is no reason why it is impossible to do so. All it takes is a little intelligent planning for getting your voice across. You need to build a powerful presence so that you have a devoted community that will help spread your word. So before we move ahead, see we assume that what you want to share is actually worth spreading.

Here are 5 ways entrepreneurs can boost their online presence:

Take Time Out To Analyze Your Competition

Your online presence or impact is relative to the presence that your competitor has generated. So if you take time out to analyze your competitors presence, you can get a good idea about the ground work that you need to catch up with. Check what sites link back to them and understand what keywords are clicking for them.

Connect with Real People on Social Network

Many internet entrepreneurs and bloggers make the expensive mistake of mass marketing. They would prefer to spend hundreds of dollars on softwares that promise to generates thousands of followers. Although, they may end up with many followers – few to nil of them would actually be clicking through your links. Most of them would be spam accounts that are worth nothing. Your main focus should be on getting followers who are actual people. Getting fifty followers who actually give a damn about what you write is much more preferable than 1000 followers who would simply add numbers to your Twitter profile.

Take Your Brand Seriously

Focus on building a brand from Day 1. A brand defines the real character of a company or website. An intelligent internet entrepreneur can leverage good brand value to create a strong presence online. If your readers and visitors develop a strong affinity to your brand then you will find that your task of creating an online presence becomes much easier.

Always Have A Face To Your Blog/Website

Credibility is a factor that can really make or break your online presence. And you have to utilize all available options to boost your credibility. Having a face in the about page, with a name and a little personal detail can go a long way in building credibility. Once you are a person who is recognized by a doting community – it becomes easy for you to create a powerful presence online.

Deliver The Best

This is the final tip for creating a presence online. Always deliver the best content and pieces out there.  Photos, Infographics and graphs – all add detail to your content. It helps you generate a much more quality piece of information for your readers. As far as I know, no blog or website has got popular without quality. So remember, deliver the best.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways Internet Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Online Presence

  1. Web Application Development

    Ya that,s fantastic tips for us.You done a quite well. The was you explained that very simple and great .I am agree with you.Your first verdict own right .We build successful business to business in the area at time the second business to business with your company is important to be aware.Thanks for sharing this type of useful things.

  2. Christopher Roberts

    Great tips 🙂

    I think that its really important that your blog has a personality, which ties in with your point on making sure you have a face to your blog/website.

    Again, thanks for a thought provoking article 🙂

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @Chris- Yes, personality is very important for a user to associate with your website. Thanks for dropping by!


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