5 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

By | 2010/10/08

You can call me a big browser as I browse a lot of blogs and websites daily. So during my daily visits to the sites on the WWW, link I found some web design mistakes which were really irritating.

This is why I came up with an idea to come up with a post about 5 web design mistakes you should avoid, purchase so that you do not end up irritating your readers.

I have also written a post on 12 blogging mistakes you should avoid.

Here is the list of 5 web design mistakes you should avoid:

Do not clutter your website with badges: I have seen so many bloggers, sale even pro-bloggers who use a list of badges in their sidebars to show some awards they have won- except no one has heard of these awards. Avoid cluttering your blog with badges as it looks unprofessional.

Make sure to include contact details: It is just plain dumb if you have a website that does not allow a visitor or reader to easily contact you. Most sponsors, reader feedback and other concerns will reach you through your contact details that you provide. So put up your contact details where everyone can see it easily.

Do not use pop ups: Pop-ups are dead. The reason is that these days most browsers have an effective pop-up blocker. Pop-up blockers are popular because visitors find pop-ups irritating. So unless you are really into pissing off your readers, never use pop-ups.

Do not open new browser windows: I know that it feels safer to get users to move to a new browser window for a third-party link, as that will keep them on your site. From my browser experience, I can safely conclude that readers hate links that cause a new browser window to open up. In most cases, they will come back to your site which is why they have a big”Back” button on every browser.

Do not use fancy fonts/harsh colors that are unreadable: Readability is very important. There are fonts that look really good but, most of them are not worthy of getting published on a website or a blog. So make sure you use a simple font that is clear and easy to read for everyone. Same goes for harsh colors, using colors that are too harsh can give your readers a headache. Keep things as sober as possible.

I know this is a short list of web design mistakes, I will be coming up with a more comprehensive list soon. Leave your comments below.

6 thoughts on “5 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    My website fails in only one test out of five i.e opening third party link in new browsers. I think every modern browser now open _blank link in new tab by defaults. So this make it less annoying.

    Nice points. thanks.

  2. faris

    nice share, but for pop ups, many proffessional blogger is using it

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  4. Rommel

    Your article is worth reading for. I should say that this is a must to read for all the beginners in web designing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Darwin Web Design

  5. Luke@Web Design NZ

    Nice article and good points. Agreed on 4 points, however, I don’t agree with not opening links in new windows. I perfer it when surfing the web and I think itis more likely to keep visitors on my website, but I guess that opening links in new windows just comes down to personal preference, whereas crappy unheard-of badges,no contact details, pop-ups and horrible font choice annoy everyone!


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