6 Indians Listed As Greatest Young Bloggers In 2010

By | 2010/08/28

Michael Dunlop of retire@21.com and incomediary.com is a dyslexic, who ironically makes money by writing on his blog. While his talents are unquestionable, Michael’s blogs are popular for the amazing list posts which he creates. In his latest post, Michael Dunlop has released the Top 30 Young Bloggers around the world. What I found really cool was that there were 6 young Indian bloggers who have featured in the list.

You will definitely know them if you are a blogger yourself, because their authority in the Indian blogging social circles is outstanding. The young bloggers are:

Pradeep S. Kumar – HellBound Bloggers

Pradeep Kumar feaured with his blog at number 13 in Michael’s list. We have all witnessed how Pradeep grew his blog from scratch to an authority blog in the technology, social media and blogging niche.

Sushant Risodkar – SmartBloggerz

This young blogger featured at number 16 in Michael’s list. Sushant has been a revolution in the Indian blogging scene, considering that a young 17-year old was able to achieve so much success in such a short span of time.

Prasant Chandra – PCsPlace

Prasant featured at number 20 in the list. His appearance in the list has come as no surprise with his blog being a one-stop solution for any computer problems you might be facing. Also, lets not forget about the freebies he provides to his readers.

Shanker Ganesh – KillerTechTips

Shankar is an engineering student, but I am pretty sure he earns more than most people who are already engineers. Shankar is placed at 21 position in the list. His blog – KillerTechTips has over 200,000 monthly page views. His tech blog has also been featured on LifeHacker and Yahoo Tech Blog,which is no ordinary achievement. Shankar is 18.

Aditya – TechRavings

Another successful young Indian blogger who was positioned at number 23 in Michael’s list. His tech blog has a huge Twitter following as well as massive subscriber numbers. This is an amazing achievement as Aditya is only 16.

Thilak Rao – TechBuzz

Thilak has ended up in number 30. Thilak and his blog TechBuzz have also featured in DailyBlogTips popular post – Blogger’s Face-Off. It is hard to imagine that he began blogging in 2006 as a hobby and has ended up with a professional career now.

In a list of 30  top young bloggers from around the world, there are 6 young Indians. It is truly amazing how Indian bloggers who have entered the blogging scene only a couple of years ago are now authoritative and have left their foreign counter-parts way behind. A personal congratulations to all the above bloggers. Being featured in Michael Dunlop’s lust ( 😛 ) list is indeed a big deal.

3 thoughts on “6 Indians Listed As Greatest Young Bloggers In 2010

  1. Mahendra

    Hi Vivek this small but very good list but retireat21 doesn’t have complete list because many of best and young bloggers from India nad out of India are still not featured I hope you add more in your next list.

  2. Vivek

    Pradeep Kumar is the blog who is buzzing now a days he writes great article and his strategy to maintain blog is Awe sum.

  3. Biplab Parida

    Its really a nyc post . here sushant impressed me a lot ..thanx sushant


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