5 Advantages of Facebook Ads Over Google Ads

By | 2013/03/25

If you are thinking of investing in Facebook ads for your digital marketing campaign. Congrats, it is an excellent decision. Facebook has rolled out an excellent, feature-rich advertising program that can allow you to reach out to the customers and audience you are looking for. In fact, many ecommerce companies have already reported the incredible traction that they have achieved via Facebook ads. Google Ads have for long dominated the advertising world and it is heartening to see this massively popular roll out intelligent advertising options.

Facebook Ads Advantages

Advantages of Facebook Ads over Google ads cannot:

City-wise targeting

Sure, Google allows you to target countries. But Facebook allows you to target specific ZIP codes, cities or districts. That is pretty precise and an amazing opportunity for local businesses to capitalize on reaching out to their exact audience on limited advertising budgets.

Gender-wise targeting

If you have products that appeal to a specific gender. This is extremely common for ecommerce stores that sell women’s apparel or men related products. In that case Facebook can be your best bet for solid penetration without a doubt. Google relies of keyword searched, and it can get pretty ambiguous sometimes.

Higher CTRs, Lower CPCs

Lead generation just got a whole lot cheaper with Facebook ads. Facebook ads will deliver a pretty good CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) which is comparable or higher than Google Ads. Whats more? Well, their CPC (Cost-per-click) is lesser than Google. So you get to reach more volume of people or more leads generated for a much lesser cost.

Target friends of existing customers

Facebook takes word of mouth to a whole new level. If a person likes your brand, Facebook gives you the option to push your brand to their friends as well. It is often one of the best way to get conversions since, when a person sees on Facebook that their friend is already interacting with your brand, the trust factor automatically goes up. And you can leverage this for more leads or conversions.

Target ads bases on email ID

If you have an email list that you have bought from somewhere or from the leads that you generated. Facebook allows you to upload the email list and specifically show ads to them. How cool is that? And if the email IDs are of your existing customers then Facebook ads can be a great way to drive repeat purchases on your site.

Undoubtedly, awesome. I have not even covered other ways Facebook ads gain an edge over Google. However, from the above points it is clear that Facebook ads are relevant because of the super precision you get while you try to target your audience.

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