Apply Longtail SEO Technique for Small Blogs

By | 2010/03/25

We all know that the main way to search optimization (SEO) is through keywords and there is no point blogging for money unless you have SEO clear in the back of your mind. In the internet, as the number of websites and blogs grew there became a fierce competition to rank in the top 10 of Google’s or any search engine results. Webmasters began applying all ways to get to the top and thus, there was born Longtail SEO. Longtail SEO is a boon for small blogs like mine – because it is a great way to get traffic even if you do not have a very big presence on the internet.

SEO is done with keywords. There are two kinds of keywords, longtail keywords and short keywords. Using longtail keywords for SEO is called Longtail SEO. The basic concept of Longtail keywords started when blogs/websites with no authority began to rank in the number 1 of Google and other Search Engine results. These websites did not rank for major keywords but instead longer keywords that were not searched that commonly.

To state an example of longtail keywords, suppose you have a website on Dan Brown (popular author of The Da Vinci Code and more lately, The Lost Symbol). So you may choose to search engine optimize it by inserting the keyword as “Dan Brown”. But it will be very difficult for you to rank in the top 10 of Google’s search results when someone searches for the term “Dan Brown”, especially if you have a new site. On the other hand if you choose your SEO keyword as “Facts about Dan Brown”, then you are sure to get a good position in Google’s search results.

The main reason for the success of Longtail keywords in small and new websites is that most major and big websites will always target the main keywords since they are authority sites.You, on the other hand can enter the market and the dog-eat-dog world of blogging by optimizing the advantages posed by Longtail SEO.

So what will be the type of traffic that you get from Short Term SEO and Longtail SEO? As you can guess, if you are using Longtail SEO you are sure to get high conversion (if you sell), however, the traffic that you may generate will be much lesser than what you might expect from a main keyword.

On the other hand, if your website is ranked well for a main keyword (short term SEO) then you are sure to get a high amount of traffic to your website. However, don’t expect that your conversions will be proportional to the traffic that you get.

This article is like a crash course on Longtail SEO. Longtail SEO is in fact quite an exhaustive Search Engine Optimization technique. I will be covering more topic on Longtail SEO in future posts.

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4 thoughts on “Apply Longtail SEO Technique for Small Blogs

  1. Anil Gupta

    surely the traffic that we get from long tail keywords will not be that much, but the conversions are very high when compared with big keywords in any niche
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