Are Females Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

By | 2010/11/01

Who is better of the two sexes? This will be a never ending battle till the end of time. In this post, CollegeFallOut examines, are females better entrepreneurs than men.

Are Females Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

Are Females Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

Entrepreneurship is a field which needs an array of skill sets. And when we examine gender-wise, each of them has their own plus and minus points.

Women meet the needs required of an entrepreneur in today’s consumer driven world. Females just seem to have better perception, are more engaging and over all have better communication skills. This is something where men take a really bad beating as entrepreneurs.

Women are coming into their own because the way of marketing is changing. They might not be hard-sellers like men but they have a great way to impress through a softer way of approaching which is much more invaluable in today’s scene. Females are very good at adapting their approach personalizing to an individual.

Women bring in much less testosterone ego. Many men become numb-skulls when there are decisions to be made where their ego comes into play. Females care very less about their ego as long as their work gets done. This is a major factor that can affect entrepreneurial careers of men and women.

A little bit of sexiness never hurt anyone!

Women do the sexy very good, something which men (sigh!) have a long way to go at. A flutter of the eye-lashes and most females will find half their job done.

But Hang on…

If you men are upset after reading the post so far, there are also drawback in females entrepreneurs. The following problems are the most usually witnessed:

  • Bitchiness
  • Jealousy of younger counterparts
  • Screeching debates
  • Bringing unnecessary sexual tension to the conference room with inappropriate dress sense 😛

The above are a few negatives to mention as far as women are concerned – as entrepreneurs. Then again, these traits will also vary from each individual.

There are many many male entrepreneurs who can beat their female counterparts hands down because they are better listeners, more sincere, and more willing to do the right thing. Which is all that matter is the end irrespective of whether you are a male or female. It is unfair to simply generalize women are better entrepreneurs or vice-versa.

I hope you found the post insightful. Do leave your comments on this below!

5 thoughts on “Are Females Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

  1. DailyTechPost

    Hi Vivek
    So you have triggered the same old “Battle of Sexes”. I think being a good entrepreneur requires you to be visionary & thats where female counterparts lack on. They might be good at doing executive work but they are not visionary.
    Anyways pretty interesting article 🙂

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @DTP- True, I agree. A lot of women lack vision and the long term nature of businesses.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. faris

    women has a plus point which men doesnt has in entrepreneurship

  3. kayne west

    Women entrepreneurs, if you go to silicon valley you will find out that none of the women entrepreneurs are funded.
    None of the best companies were ever started by women, I’m talking about 100m+ companies. Even if you can come up with a few examples. I would like you ask check the ratio out, it’s like 99:1 Men to women. I’m not a sexist, but women are just not made for this shit. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that.
    Most men put up with this feminist bullshit because they will appear as sexist.


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