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By | 2010/02/08

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There seems to be no doubt that Google Adsense is getting harder. Even seasoned webmasters who once earned handsomely from the Adsense program are twitching in frustration.

If you are an AdWords advertiser you would notice that Google has empowered advertisers with statistics very powerful. It has become quite easy for an advertiser to see which web pages in the AdSense network are generating profitable traffic for the advertiser and which are not.

Advertisers react to this data by quickly pulling out their ads from such webpages and from web pages which are just not relevant enough.

What you must do as a publisher is to provide high quality content so that advertisers can in return achieve highly targeted audience. One great way to boost your AdSense earning prowess is to write valuable content and educate your audience on the service of the kid of ads that get shown on your website. If you do not do this, then you will quickly see the number of advertisers competing for your site falling down. You will also notice a drastic reduction in the amount they are willing to pay per click.

Result: reduced AdSense income.

But unfortunately, most of us consider writing articles much tougher than it is. If you do write more number of articles there are a lot of benefits-

1) More probability of Search Engine Traffic

2) More keywords for AdSense Ads

3) Greatly improve your reader interest

4) A higher quality site since a large number of content will help you build your site out

I hope this post let you know what you need to improvise on to really boost your AdSense income.

Wishing You Blogging Success.

One thought on “Articles and Adsense

  1. izzat aziz

    i’m no longer using adsense even my current income is $50, but i think it take more than a year to get another 50. and now with this new stuff.. it may a lot more year..haha
    .-= izzat aziz´s last blog ..Blog redesign, and more =-.


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