The 10 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

By | 2011/03/23

Guest posts! Everyone talks about it. Let me explain what is guest posting in simple terms: Writing a guest post means that you write an article for another blog. The author of that blog in return adds a short bio and a dofollow link back to your blog within the article. It is a great concept. Guest posting is an awesome way to gain a lot of new exposure and boost SEO for your site. There are a lot of benefits for guest posting. In this post, decease the 10 benefits of guest blogging are covered in detail.

I have covered a post earlier on reasons why you must guest post. You can read it here: 3 Reasons you must guest post.

Here are the 10 benefits of guest blogging:

Build Backlinks

This is the most obvious benefit that one gets out of guest blogging. The backlinks added in your bio point directly to your blog and are dofollow. If the blog you have published the guest post is having a good Pagerank, pilule then it can do wonders for your SEO campaign. Most blogs also allow you to add an anchor text to the link that you have provided. That is another great advantage of building backlinks from writing guest posts.

Get targeted traffic to your blog

Most websites or blogs do not get organic, targeted traffic are visitors that really likes the niche of your blog. This is where guest blogging is useful. If you are writing an article on SEO, then you will find that most people visiting your blog via the link back are people who are genuinely interested in SEO. Which is why it is recommended to always write a guest article that relates to your blog niche. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule, but if you want to get targeted traffic its a great way to do it. Vice-versa, you can always guest post on blogs that are related to your niche. Both ways, you will find a good influx of targeted traffic. Targeted traffic makes your ads perform better, as well as improve conversions of your affiliate programs.

Build Authority

If you ever try, it is not easy to get your guest post published on blogs like or DailyBlogTips etc. They are super-high authority blogs that get thousands of guest articles in their inbox everyday. So if you ever do manage to get an article published on one of these blogs then it automatically renders a lot of authority to you. A different strategy could be to write guest posts on a lot of medium authority blog. If your presence is seen everywhere, you will find that you have automatically generated authority for yourself as well as the blog.

Build Relationships

I have benefitted a lot out of relationships with my fellow bloggers. They are great referrers, they comment on my blog regularly and even help me out with a few doubts now and then. Guest blogging is a great way to forge relations and friendships with fellow bloggers. There is nothing like a great article that comes to take some load of a bloggers heavy writing schedles. Guest posts are published with great gratitude by bloggers and you can leverage it to enhance your network connections in the blogging community.

Find Guest Bloggers for your blog

Guest posting is also a great way to find guest bloggers for your own blog. Some bloggers will return your guest posting favor and send you over a guest post too. Also, reading a guest post, some readers would also take notice of your blog and become guest bloggers for you. When a blogger writes an article as a guest post, there is an immediate air of openess about him and it can attract a lot of future benefits. The only condition remaining that your articles should be awesome.

Get money making opportunities

Guest blogging, especially on premier blogs can get you noticed in the freelancing circuit and you can land a lot of freelancing jobs. Right from article writing to coding. It all depends on how deeply you express your subject knowledge on the guest articles that you get published on various blogs. Guest posting can really open many new streams of income for you. If bloggers knew about the immense potential it held, I bet most of them would take guest posting much more seriously.

Gain Exposure

Your level of exposure from guest blogging depends on two things: 1) Quality of your guest posts 2) The number of places you have guest posted at. You can be assured that if you manage to publish about 10 guest articles in a month, then you will end up being popular and can create a really strong brand image. Exposure is a very big benefit of guest blogging. Since your guest post is published to a lot of new audience and also syndicated to many other social networking sites. It can work as a great way to brand yourself and your blog.  

Get a chance to check your content quality

Getting to used to the safety of your own audience? Go out of your comfort zone and publish your articles on other blogs. Check the response of the readers. Are they loving it? Or is it a very lacking response. If the usually vibrant community of a successful is not that responsive to your article, then it means that you need to work on your content quality. On the other hand, if they are very talkative in the comments section of your article, then you know that your content quality is upto the mark. Guest blogging can be called a litmus test to check your content quality

Boost RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc.

Every time you post an article on a successful blog, you will find a significant bump in the RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc. Either one of them or all of them. This happens because of the targeted audience effect as I mentioned in an earlier point. If visitors coming via an authority site come to your blog and find that your content is as compelling, then they will not think again before signing up for your feeds. This is how you can gradually climb the steps of authority in the blogosphere.

Have fun

Guest blogging is fun! It is a change from the regular routine of only posting on your blog and to your usual reader base. You get to reach out to a whole new audience and the anticipation of their response is something that is really exciting. For me, whenever one of my guest post is accepted on a blog, big or small, it always sends a shiver of thrill down my spine.

I hope your guest posting experiences are as enjoyable as mine. And I also wish that you get to guest posting after reading this article, because I am certain that these 10 points have really come together well to tell readers the benefits of guest blogging. Let me know your views below.

In case, you decide to get right into guest posting, here is list of top blogs to guest post which I have compiled for your use: List of High Pagerank Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Collegefallout is also open for guest posting, you can get the details here: Submit Guest Post.

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  1. Sarah

    I prefer to have someone guest blog for my blogs. Comes in handy when I am too busy to blog.

  2. Gehad Ellaboudy

    i totally believe in guest blogging, some people when get invited to guest blogging told you that they only have time to write for their blogs, they don’t know that they can search for guest bloggers for their blogs to have time for guest blogging for others that’s how you get quality back links and good readers and visits for your blog, personally i prefer working using guest blogging networks such as


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