5 Best Author Box Plugins in WordPress

By | 2013/07/23

Author box plugins for WordPress are a pre-requisite for any serious blogger who wants to credit himself to his articles. Also, author boxes are imperative to use in case you run a multi-author site.

In this post, we discuss the best author box plugins, they are all free and can be downloaded and installed in minutes. These can display your social media profile links, Gravatar as well as a short author bio.

1. Better Author Bio

This is among the first and most basic author box plugins offered on Wodpress. It is highly recommended because of its ease in configuration. It is a minimal looking box that can be chosen to appear below your article.

2. Fancier Author Box

This plugin is available in both free and premium version. The free version is quite good, this author box can be chosen to shown above or below the post. Wherever, you decide, this author box will have a tabbed appearance wherein, one tab will show the author bio and the second tab is used to show the last 3-5 posts by the author. This plugin is recommended if you like classy, effective author boxes.

3. Social Author Bio

This is a rather socially bent author box plugin for WordPress. This box allows you to show over 15 of your social media profiles below your bio – which we believe is sort of an overkill. However, if you are a real social bee, this author box might just be perfect for you. It looks pretty attractive though!

4. Cool Author Box

Another suggested author box plugin that can be used. It is clean, minimal and does not overload with unnecessary social links. The author box quite simply renders the author bio, the Gravatar and the author’s website link.

5. Custom About Author

At the final position, we’d like mention the Custom About Author plugin for WordPress that allows a user to shown an author box below the article. This allows you to link up to four social media profiles.

From the above list, you can choose any one and it would seem pretty satisfactory. The only reason why you would prefer one author box plugin over the other would be because of the appearance it renders. It is important that the author box plugin gels with the WordPress theme that you are running it with.

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