Top 15 Ways to Instantly Get More Blog Readers

By | 2013/02/10

RSS Feed Subscribers or Blog readers count is a significant parameter for attracting any forms of partnership or business association for its blog owners. As such, a good count of RSS Feed subscribers suggests the extent of interest depicted by the blog subscribers, ultimately resulting in depicting the blog as an established one. This is why when one has to give due consideration in order to measure the blog popularity amidst many other attributes, blog readers count is one such significant factor which predominantly deserves much consideration. As for the bloggers, viewing sufficient RSS feed subscribers is definitely in their wish list. In the world of internet technology and business, RSS subscriber count as an asset is a goodwill created for the bloggers and their blogs. With the help of depicting their blog readers count, bloggers enhance the interactive attribute of their blogs whereby selling or receiving feedbacks from blog readers as regard to some products or services becomes relatively easier.

It is of no surprise as to why every blogger at their day start wish for big additions cumulated in their blog readers count. However, for this wish to be fulfilled, every blogger has to perform and carry out certain blogging activities whereby their blogs could be running to their full potential and viewer’s satisfaction. Merely incorporating high quality content in the blogs would not be suffice to attract new blog readers to your blog. Marketing your RSS feeds appropriately however can add sufficient RSS readers to your blog.

How to Get Blog Readers

This article strives to enlighten you with certain techniques which you as an blogger can adapt to market and procure sufficient blog readers.

1. Simple Options offered for Blog subscriptions

Every blog reader should predominantly know the manner in which he could subscribe to your blog RSS, which is why it becomes the primary duty of every blog owner to enlighten him on this aspect in the most simple manner possible. Incorporating high quality content or innovative technology in their blog would not bring any value to their blogs, if the blog owners miss on their mandatory duty of highlighting their RSS feed icons. Thus, even a creatively developed blog with high-end technology would fail to attract subscribers onto it, if such blog fails to  inform its readers as to the modes of subscribing to it. In my opinion, failing to inform your blog reader with sufficient and simple information as to the modes to subscribe to it, is not merely a mistake but a sheer blunder. Enhancing your blog’s visibility and popularity will also depend upon the steps you have taken for showcasing your images alongside RSS feed links at the right places on your blog. Some of the prominent places on your blog for showcasing your RSS feed links are its sidebars, header section, amongst many other posting areas. Adding an icon in your top sidebar or blog header would do the trick to keep your RSS feed ticking. You could also try several other options for attracting RSS feeds in your posts. Refrain from making the use of utterly glossy images for depicting your RSS icons. Displaying Standard RSS images icons can do much good in managing your blog, as many subscribers and viewers can correlate with these standard icons. Moreover, rendering them subscription options could easily bring forth the standard RSS links and images to your viewer’s and subscribers memory.

2. Ease in Email Subscription Offer

Standard terms like RSS Readers, RSS feeds, should be compulsorily included in your blogs for the ability of association these terms enjoy with their readers. However, there are certain blog readers who are unaware about these standard terms. To resolve this issue, you have to adopt an email subscription facility in your blog. As such, with this facility becoming active, your blog RSS subscriptions can be done by blog readers via emails. What more! Your blog readers can read every blog post from their emails without needing to enter your blog. Thus, having a Email subscription box at certain prominent place in your blog is highly recommended. Top sidebar section of the blog is where most blog owners choose for displaying of Email subscription box. I have succeeded in increasing my blog’s RSS subscribers by adopting to this technique of displaying an Email subscription box in the sidebar section of my blog. For generating  blog subscribers, I make use of FeedBurner services.

3. The significance of incorporating High Quality Blog Posts

Your style of writing is what eventually attracts its viewers or readers to your blog. In doing so, optimally combining  your knowledge with the writing style will not only enable get more feedback from its readers, but also help your blog endeavors translate into a better business opportunity via garnering significant RSS feeds. However, if your style of writing is uninformative or rather redundant in effect, your bloggers will stop viewing your blog instantly. So as a blogger, you need to indulge in good research before continuing with your posts. On the other hand, you could experience a terrific jump in the number of blog readers via feeds if you could properly position blogging standard icons optimally combine the same with some interesting and informative words in writing.

4. How to improve your RSS Feed Subscribers Count

Firstly, you have to make your RSS feed subscribers count visible enough, in a prominent place such as your blog sidebar. A good count of blog readers made visible will encourage and motivate many more bloggers and readers to subscribe to your blog, however, if your RSS Subscriber count stands zero or negligible, no one would want to associate with it. Hence, as a blog owner you should look into marketing of your existing RSS number count so as to ultimately spike up your RSS feed subscribers count. There are many free alternatives available on the internet for the management of RSS subscribers requirements. Using services is certainly my best option, however you could find for many more free alternatives over the net. In any Feedburner account, by logging in you could easily trace a Feed Count option under Publicize. This option should provide you with the HTML code which then can be added to your blog for depiction of your current blog readers count. As for me, I have added my blog – Bloggers Passion in its sidebar. In doing so, I have generated a resounding response by making my subscriber count spiking up to 177 readers.

5. Requesting Subscription from Blog Readers

Special posts will help you creating and adding subscribers to your blog. You can request your post’s blog readers to subscribe to your RSS by supporting your request with fundamentally concrete reasons. Alternatively, you could opt to render useful pointers for your readers in order to enhance the possibility of improving your RSS count. You could choose to render useful blogging cues to such readers in their email boxes. Apart from this attribute of delivering convenience to your readers, you could further educate them on RSS feeds and their functional significance in many Internet mediums such as websites or a Facebook. Making them understand about RSS feeds can help them associate with your blog posts better, ultimately adding to your desired RSS subscription.

6. The positives of Guest Blogging

Guest posts should be submitted in the niche category of your popular blogs posts. Even in doing of the same, your guest blogging should be open and informative on the modes of subscribing to your blog RSS. This could be done either in the main body of your blog or the author section as per the guidelines prevailing in the blog owner’s manual. Guest postings, if effectively done and efficiently carried out, can certainly attract additional subscribers on to your blog.

7. Traffic generation techniques for Your Blog

Studying ways to  increase traffic to your blog  can be seemingly bring you increase in your blog subscribers count. Many of the search engines as well as referral websites can help you achieve this goal of creating traffic for your blog. For seeking help from referral sites, you ought to be a regular on many of the discussion forums connected to blog niche. In this manner, you could choose to share your postings on several websites pertaining to social media. Do not forget to add links of your email signatures, as well as adding comments, in your endeavors to sharing of blogging information. The question-answer related websites such as Yahoo Answer can also suggest ways in which you could create enormous traffic for your blog.

8. Write Blog Posts on Daily basis

Inactive blogs are a strict no-no in the arena of blogging. Likewise, your high quality publishing should satisfactorily get support from prominent search engines in adding your subscribers blog count. However, you ought to be active in publishing content on your blog, irrespective of whether such content is high quality or mere simple informative writings. Your blog should have certain number of disciplined posts added to it on day to day basis. Your ability to write or comment on popular high quality posts is what will invoke reader’s attention. Optimally, delivering a minimum of 4 to 5 quality posts per day would suffice. However, while creating posts, you ought to be well versed with the topics your blog needs to cover. Blogging randomly might risk you and your blog of losing on some of the existing blog subscribers. So your safe bet would be combining the publishing of high quality with regular comments worthy of attracting subscribers on to your blog.

For giving you a better insight into this aspect of blogging, Read – Write fresh content.

9. Full RSS Feed Offerings

An option to render full or partial RSS feeds to the blog can be a significant parameter to adjudge the type of RSS Feeds our blog can possibly attract. A full RSS feed means that every blog reader could read full posts in their respective RSS Readers , whereas partial RSS feeds would restrict their ability to view full blog posts. Reading compete posts is always preferable and desired by almost all of the bloggers which is why your blog should necessarily choose this option over partial RSS feeds. With full RSS feeds,  your blog post will be more informative with complete information being transmitted to your blog readers.

10. Directories portraying RSS Feeds

Several directories are available for your submitting your RSS Feeds. However, your choice of RSS feed directory should be one wherein your submission of RSS feed is not only free but also effective in enabling you transmit enough information to the readers. Spreading of quality information about your blog can certainly improve your blog readers graph much better.

11. Contests

Holding of contests on blogs can make the blog a much interactive medium, wherein many more comments and guest posts can make its way on to your blog. Likewise, contests can act as drivers to generate Fans on your Facebook Page or Twitter. The same principle applies to attracting of RSS subscribers on to your blog. Holding contests on your blog can stimulate the essence of your blog through the process of gifting the winners by way of certain guidelines and modes applicable in declaring the winners. Your adapting of the email subscription method can allow you to track your recent blog subscribers so as to further enable you declare winners, either by randomly selecting the email or by lucky draw method.

12. Embodying Subscription Options at the End of Blog Post

Most of successful bloggers have used icons and links and icons at the end of their blog posts for helping viewers subscribe to it. Every viewer after going through your blog post completely will want to comment or subscribe to your blog. Especially if your blog content gets favored by its viewers, they will definitely look forward to make use of the subscription links for subscribing to your blog. This is how you could make a mention of the link at the end of your blog post: If you like this post, do subscribe to xxxxx feed via Email or via RSS here.

13. Keeping e-Book Download as lucrative offers

many of the reputed Internet marketers as well as bloggers have used the tool of offering e-books to enhance their subscribers list. All you have to do is create an e-book engrossing enough for its readers, which sufficiently portrays vast information on the prime topic of your blog posts. Keep that e-book for free to download, to all those blog readers subscribing to your blog RSS. Make Money by blogging or books that render cues to improve one’s financial position are favored as suitable e-book topics that could attract reader’s interest.

14. Seeking Verification from Unverified Subscribers

Sometimes subscribers do forget to get themselves verified through confirming their subscription. As long as they do not confirm on the verification, they cannot be added to your blog’s subscription count. Which is why, you can request such  number of unverified subscribers to get converted into verified subscribers by simple function of confirming. Your requests could be either emailed to them directly, or, in case you are a WordPress blog owner, you could choose the option of automating the process of sending notifications to such subscribers.

15. Using Feedburner Feed for your Redirecting of Different RSS Feeds

A blog subscription could be done via many ways as incorporated in each of the blogging systems to render its readers with options related to it. For instance, a blogger blog renders the capability to automatically create rss.xml and atom.xml as its two feeds. On the other hand, a WordPress blog, the WordPress at its root level generates feeds, before proceeding of the same at category and comments levels, amongst certain others. Manually writing can however redirect all RSS feeds to FeedBurner thus fixing the problem to a great extent. Likewise, a plugin named FeedBurner Feed Smith (click here) shall enable the redirecting functionality of RSS feeds for those who own WordPress blogs.

Blog Readers

The techniques above, if adopted properly and with prudence, could certainly aid in enhancing your readers for your blog. However, one has to follow a concrete plan in achieving readers for blog. It is certainly not a one-day job and would need lot of patience apart from your constructive efforts in achieving of the same. If you do have a sure-shot technique which I have skipped to mention in my article, do not hesitate to share the same in the comments section below.

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