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By | 2013/11/05

Building an online store is easy with Solid Cactus will provide business owners with everything necessary to build an attractive website and showcase items in a way that is especially appealing to customers.

The website also offers business safe and effective payment methods to offer customers. Credit card processing is available through Solid Cactus, and transactions are PCI and CISSP-certified. Solid Cactus encourages those who want to operate a virtual store to sign up with e-onlinedata to save about 25% on fee for processing credit cards. E-online data offers 30 free days of Verifi and there are no cancellation fees or contracts that will lock business owners into long-term service.

The marketing features of Solid Cactus are also beneficial for those who want to operate a store from a website. Search engine optimization is a feature Solid Cactus offers, which will make it easy for customers to search for the online business’ name on well-known search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Solid Cactus also offers email marketing services, which can include emailing a newsletter to customers or sending virtual coupons that patrons can redeem on their favorite items. Pay-per-click services are part of the marketing plans Solid Cactus has to offer as well. This can be an effective way to advertise and drive traffic to a website by gauging how many customers are interested in a particular product or service.

As a store becomes busier, it can become more challenging for company owners adequate attend to all customer needs. This is why Solid Cactus offers options like answering services and live chat services for websites. This ensures that business owners don’t miss a call or online message from a client, and can take care of the problem right away. Solid Cactus provides virtual office services as well so that the online store will give off a professional appearance to customers.

Those who are interested in receiving services from Solid Cactus can reach the company via phone to request a quote for specific services. Customer service representatives are also available for business owners who want to contact Solid Cactus via live chat or email.

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