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By | 2014/01/27

There are three things you will need to successfully start your business, and then keep it going:

  • Funds, either from private sources or from investors
  • An accountant to help you manage the financial comings and goings of your business (you’ll really appreciate this person during tax season!)
  • A lawyer

Now, you may be just fine with the first two recommendations, but you may be wondering why a lawyer is on the list if you’re not currently dealing with a lawsuit or any other legal issues. But the truth is, even the best run of businesses that are managed by the most careful of owners will run into legal problems from time to time. These problems could be something as minor as ordinance issues or needing to re-configure payroll; or they could be more serious, such as an unwelcome visit from an IRS auditor, or a lawsuit from a former employee in regards to wages. In any case, you will want to have a lawyer on hand ahead of time, so that if trouble comes knocking, you have a swift answer. Keeping a lawyer on retainer and making sure they’re kept up to date with how your business is being run and any issues you may be encountering is crucial to dealing with any potential legal troubles as soon as possible.

So how do you go about finding the perfect business law firm for your business? Well, you can start by asking fellow business associates for their recommendations. Many will no doubt recommend small, local firms who have developed a bit of a reputation for themselves. And while small and upcoming firms are always a good starting point, you need to consider the needs of your business. If your business is fairly large, or global, you’ll definitely want the services of a larger firm. Big law firms like the ones discussed at Bob Bratt DLA Piper blog have the education, expertise, and experience that you’ll need in keeping your large business running smoothly and free of legal troubles. These firms usually have a lot of lawyers at their disposal, as well as lawyers and even paralegals from other firms, so no matter what kind of issue you’re facing, they will be able to provide you with the proper legal counsel.

Once you have found the best business law firm to serve your company’s needs, you can set up a consultation (this may be free, or there may be a small fee charged) where you can both go over your business – what your business does, the market your business serves, and the issues you are worried about encountering – or have already encountered. A plan of action to keep your business in good standing may be developed, and of course you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that if legal trouble should arise, your lawyer will be there, ready to dispense advice, assist with paperwork, or if need be, go to court to fight on your behalf.

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