Business Quotes By Internet Entrepreneur Bob Parsons

By | 2010/05/02

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Internet entrepreneur Bob Parsons is an inspiration to many. Apart from becoming a successful entrepreneur on the internet, Bob Parsons is also a Vietnam war hero who got injured while serving as riflemen for Delta forces in Vietnam.

Who Is Bob Parsons?

Bob Parsons is famous for creating the flagship domain name registrar GoDaddy. His company is the largest in the internet with the most domain names under management. His domain name registrar company is registered under the name GoDaddy Software Inc.

Currently, Bob Parsons net worth is estimated to be around a few billions. If there is anything about this domain name mogul – it is that he always goes against the tide. He never does anything expected or obvious.

He is not your average CEO who is focus on merely top-service or stock performance, Bob Parsons is a very interesting man. One look at his web log (Blog) and you will know what I mean. Bob Parsons made a lot of controversy when he released a raunchy ad with a former foot fetish model on the Fox network, which got pulled off after the first day on air. Following which he aired an even racier version on the GoDaddy homepage. Parsons sums up his marketing model as “fun, edgy and a bit inappropriate.”

Here are a few quotes made by internet entrepreneur Bob Parsons,

When I hear bad news I look at it as another leadership test that will determine how successful GoDaddy will become. So I no longer dread it. Instead, I enjoy the game of finding the very best way to deal with it, and take great satisfaction in having a hand in resolving the issues that come my way.

-Bob Parsons

Here is another good quote,

Let’s be honest. There’s not a business anywhere that is without problems. Business is complicated and imperfect. Every business everywhere is staffed with imperfect human beings and exists by providing a product or service to other imperfect human beings.

-Bob Parsons

We are imperfect beings in  very imperfect world, and the one thing we can count on is that things will go wrong, and that each and every one us will have problems.

– Bob Parsons

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13 thoughts on “Business Quotes By Internet Entrepreneur Bob Parsons

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  2. Leah Perez

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  3. Jason Webb

    Thanks for the article. I am a young finance professional myself who recently launched a fund in Utah and I love to read about others who did the same and made it to the top. Hope to be there someday.
    Jason Webb

  4. Robert Ahmed

    the best way to become a millionaire is to become an entrepreneur”‘,

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  6. Capricorn 

    internet businesses are the thing of the future, the internet economy has been booming ever since:.’

  7. B Jones

    Now the insensitiv­ity of the Go.Daddy commercial­s are starting to make sense. Making fun of effeminate men and using the stereotypi­cal female models to flaunt the bags on silicone they have had sewn on their chest.

    Am guessing misogyny goes hand in hand with the need for a pathetic, insecure, fat, old man to reassert his fragile masculinit­y by taking the life of a standing animal that offers no sport. The gutless wonder even had to shoot the poor elephant at night. Good thing the elephant hadn’t sneezed before being shot or Bob would probably still be running across Africa in soiled pants. This wimp was transporte­d close enough to take his shot and then transporte­d back to his five star abode. The funny part is how he has deluded himself into thinking he is some kind of big game hunter when in reality he is nothing more than a rich jerk that uses his wealth to destroy rather than for good and now a fine animal has lost it’s life simply so a sycophant can feed his fragile ego.

    As we previously mentioned, this explains a lot when it comes to the type of commercials he puts out. Thankfully­, most companies are wise enough to appeal to our greater instincts but there are those few scummy organizations that are so limited in imagination that they can only think of appealing to our lowest instincts. This speaks to the shallownes­s & limited imaginatio­n of Bob Parsons. He really thinks he’s some kind of smart businessman? Hardly. Instead of forging new roads with an innovative creative process, his sexist commercials ride the coat tails of those who have gone on before him as he drags out the same tired old commercial styling that was appropriat­e twenty years ago but are a mere yawn in the 21st century.

  8. B Jones

    Seriously? Who would want to put any money in this guy’s pockets? Just so that he can find ways around the laws in Africa and shoot a standing elephant so he can mount it’s head on his wall.
    Who on earth would want to do business with a company like that?

    He says the elephant was a “problem” to the local farmers (I guess the dozens of other animal heads he has mounted in his den must have also been ‘problem’ animals)..­..I hope that Parson’s two dogs are never considered ‘problems’ by his neighbors should they bark too much or pee on their lawns because according to Bob-those neighbors would be justified in shooting Bob’s dogs, then taking their heads to a taxidermist to be stuffed and mounted. But Bob will understand as the neighbor takes the rest of the carcasses to a nearby homeless shelter to feed poor people.

    This guy brags about how poor the people are in the area and how he hands out his empty water bottles to begging children. Never mind that his explanation for killing the elephant is total BS. Those elephants have grazed in those same areas for hundreds of years. But their habitat keeps getting pushed back each year by ‘farmers’ who are actually grazing cattle that are destroying the green vegetation. In other parts of Africa it has been proven that solar powered fences are keeping elephants out of farmer’s crops.

    But guess Bob was too busy handing out empty water bottles to starving children to try and find another solution to killing the elephant- either that or he’s a complete liar hiding behind the fact that he’s nothing more than a big game hunter that wanted an elephant head mounted on his wall.

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