Top 5 Sites to Buy Condoms Online in India

By | 2013/08/05

Buy condoms online compared to the discomforting option of buying at a pharmacy, there are many options in India. You can purchase condoms online and have it home delivered in discreet packaging. Of course, you get the best discounts and free home delivery on them as well, thanks to the competitive ecommerce market in India. Also, buying condoms online is of great advantage because of the better variety available. Online stores provide a wider range of flavored condoms, dotted condoms and other sexual wellness products as compared to what you would get at a typical pharmacy.

Buy Condoms Online

You might also be interested in knowing where to buy lingerie online. These are the sites where you can buy condoms online:


Cilory is an online store that sells lingeries and other intimate female products, they also have a section that is dedicated to condoms and sexual wellness products such as lubes, vibrating rings etc. They are a good name in the industry, Cilory offers discreet packaging on all its orders and delivers within a week’s time.


HealthKart is India’s premier online health store and they have dedicated category to condoms and other sexual wellness products. They offer many top brands of condoms such as Moods, Durex, Kamasutra, Skore among many others. This is one of the best sites to check out for lowest prices and quick delivery of condoms.


Like the name suggests, Shycart sells products that a consumer would usually feel shy or embarrassed about buying from a regular store. Their complete business model is based on selling products that are usually considered to be private and intimate. Like all other sites listed here, you can purchase a lot more than just condoms, Shycart also features other sexual care products that are designed to enhance pleasure or boost sexual performance.


Goodlife is another online health products retailer. They offer a big selection on condom brands, flavors etc. as well. However, you only get free home delivery if your total checkout order is of the value of Rs.499 or more.


Snapdeal is one of the largest ecommerce portals in India, they sale products under almost all categories. One of them also happens to be condoms. So if you are an existing customer of theirs, you could give Snapdeal a spin to make your first condom purchase online!

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