BuySellAds Gets Competitive

By | 2011/12/14

I have been a BuySellAds publisher almost since they started off their service a couple of years back. And I have earned decent amount of money through them, which is what makes me a big fan of Buysellads. In between, I deactivated all my BSA ad zones and focused on my Google Adsense revenue program. Now I have completed my minimum threshold of $100 on Google Adsense and do not plan to use their advertisements ever again on any of my websites. They pay peanuts.

So I moved back faithfully to my BuySellAds direct ad program, thinking that I will at least be paid flat rates every month. So in my three months hiatus from BSA, I noticed hundreds of new publishers in the same niche as mine. And I also noticed that BSA started adding new niches of websites into their inventory for advertisers. No complains there. It helps a wider range of publishers get accepted into the BuySellAds program and at the same time, advertisers from varied industries now have better and competitive options.

But, there was no denying the fact that Buysellads had got more competitive and difficult to make money from as compared to earlier days of their service.

I quickly set up my ad zones – at least there were fewer changes in that area.

Changes in BuySellAds

So the major changes that Buysellads has made are:

  • It has increased the number of parameters that advertisers can see in your directory listing. At the same time, now BSA gives an option to publishers for selecting/de-select parameters they do not want to share in their directory listing. Its a good option for publishers since now we can show the best parameters of one’s blog. For example, my blog does not have a decent Google Pagerank so I hold it from public view to advertisers.
  • Introduction of new categories for different blog niches. They now have categories dedicated humor, automotive and entertainment. They started off as ad brokers for only technology blogs.  Now they have around 10 categories for different kinds of blogs. This is good because it helps in easing the number of blogs in a single category and prevents overcrowding.
  • It has become easier to get accepted into BSA. And the most simple trick to get accepted into BSA is just to have a blog that looks good. They have literally stopped caring about the traffic that your website might be getting. There was a time when 100,000 views were the criteria for them to take you into their program. I have seen blogs as old as 3 months being accepted.

 BuySellAds Gets Competitive

All this has resulted in

Buysellads has successfully managed to cut ad rates for their advertisers. At least the price for medium traffic blogs have come down drastically due to the high volume of them in the BSA directory. For example, the category where I am listed in “Business and Marketing”- there are about 1700 other websites listed. This is just one single category I talk about. So it becomes very difficult to stand out and get advertisers to put money into your ad space.

Even on Collegefallout, the ad space from BSA is priced dirt cheap. It is only then that I have managed to sell two spots of the three spots I offer.

All in all, it has become very competitive for a blogger to make huge revenue of BSA unless his traffic stats exceed 100,000.

An issue I noticed was that publishers are erratically listing their blog in any category they desire rather than the one which is most suitable. Something which is irritating to advertisers and bothersome to other publishers. This is something the BSA team should take care of.

What are your views on the Buysell ads advertisement program getting competitive?

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  1. Nirmal Kumar

    Nice information. I just moved to a custom domain so I need to get my pagerank back. Eventhough traffic isn’t a criteria I think I would like my blog to be better before applying for it.


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