Can Twitter be Called A Real Social Network Anymore?

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Twitter was launched with the intention of providing its users a quick update of their personal lives to each other. Basically, Twitter aimed at becoming the quick solution of social networkers who did not have a lot of time to spend on exhaustive social networks like Facebook, Orkut etc. It was a practical solution to the concept behind social networks.

Twitter was a practical idea for social networking because it helped you stay updated to your network in a quick no-nonsensical way. You know what the other guy is upto and the other guys knows what you are up to. This in a way helps you keep connected and fulfills the basic concept behind a social network.

Nowadays, however considering the volume of Twitterers and the sheer number of users simply in it for marketing their services/products has left a question mark on the purpose behind Twitter.

As I see it now, Twitter can be called a internet marketing platform. These days hardly except may be a few celebs let their network know what they are really up to. Most Twitterers are simply people who like to post links for their followers. They hardly tweet on what is really happening in their life. Most tweets are related to posting about a new post on the blog,  a link to their squeeze page or a link for selling their products/services.

I must say that I am also guilty for the same thing, but then which is why I wrote this article. This is basically a speculation on whether Twitter can really be called a social networking site any more. Yes, may be it does allow you to network socially but with people you don’t know anything about, except may be the products or services they give.


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