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Blogging your business into the 21st century

top blogging books

Looking back 20 years ago and reviewing how a business used to work in that decade makes you realise just how far we have come and how much we have achieved in the technological world. You only have to look at how graphics have come on from the pencil to the PC in less than 30 years and how everything ... Read More »

List of Indian Blogger Award Winners of 2013

Indian Blogger Awards Winners

List of Indian Blogger Award winners of 2013 . Indian Blogger Awards was organized by IndiBlogger, in pursuit of ranking the best Indian bloggers in different categories. While the Indian Blogger Awards seemed quite professionally organized with a stellar panel of judges and a solid number of blogs to choose from, the winners failed to personally impress me. But for ... Read More » Domain Name Registrations

Registering a domain name can be a difficult task especially when there are few easy to spell and pronounce domain names left. That’s where people have to be creative or shell out some big bucks to register a premium domain name. You can find the cheapest domain name registration at This service actually gives you a lot of options ... Read More »

5 Best Author Box Plugins in WordPress

author box plugins

Author box plugins for WordPress are a pre-requisite for any serious blogger who wants to credit himself to his articles. Also, author boxes are imperative to use in case you run a multi-author site. In this post, we discuss the best author box plugins, they are all free and can be downloaded and installed in minutes. These can display your ... Read More »

5 Tips to Help Your Blog Stand Out

tips to help your blog stand out

You could use tips to help your blog stand out. Blogs were uncommon until a few years ago, and the first bloggers didn’t have much of a tough time carving out their own niche on the web. Since the exponential increase of blogs from 30 million in 2005 to almost 200 million in 2012, many things have changed in the ... Read More »

Common Mistakes I See in Websites Over and Over Again

Web Design Mistakes

While starting up a website has become an increasingly easy task these days, many webmasters still struggle with the basic concepts of web design and user interface. And this happens even after hiring web designers at a fair price. Perhaps, it would make sense to review what are the common mistakes that websites make repeatedly. Burying the message One of ... Read More »

List of Top 5 URL Shortening Services

bitly url shortening

URL shortening services help you by providing a short link to any link you desire. It is especially useful to share a short link as compared to the original long tail link on social media. Also, a short link makes it easier to track the number of clicks your link received. So that you don’t need to set up an ... Read More »