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Common Mistakes I See in Websites Over and Over Again

While starting up a website has become an increasingly easy task these days, ampoule many webmasters still struggle with the basic concepts of web design and user interface. And this happens even after hiring web designers at a fair price. Perhaps, for sale it would make sense to review what are the common mistakes that… Read More »

List of Top 5 URL Shortening Services

URL shortening services help you by providing a short link to any link you desire. It is especially useful to share a short link as compared to the original long tail link on social media. Also, a short link makes it easier to track the number of clicks your link received. So that you don’t… Read More »

7 Best Practices To Improve Click-Through Rates

With dozens of commercial newsletters hitting the reader’s inbox every week, decease it’s quite challenging to make your emails stand out. Even though open rates are essential, pharm click-through rates may help drive much traffic to your site. To encourage subscribers to click and convert, try the following marketing practices implemented by dotMailer specialists into… Read More »

10 Ultimate Tips to Build Backlinks for Your Blog

It is indeed very embarrassing to see as to how reluctant most of the bloggers are, to learn new avenues in the SEO arena. If you are not focusing on building backlinks for your blog, I feel that you are simply skipping on new ways and sources of building traffic. As such, generation of traffic… Read More »

7 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

My article will update you with the best seo plugin for WordPress. However, your personal preference should matter the most in choosing your plugin as most plugins do not differ much in their functionality. I have attempted to compile certain relevant plugins that could suit your WordPress SEO in your blog. Feel free to use… Read More »