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Business Law Firms for Your Business

There are three things you will need to successfully start your business, and then keep it going: Funds, either from private sources or from investors An accountant to help you manage the financial comings and goings of your business (you’ll really appreciate this person during tax season!) A lawyer Now, you may be just fine with the first two recommendations, ... Read More »

Scott Reiman from Hexagon Investments

There are some incredible people who work as investors and own major companies, but they also give back to their communities in a variety of ways. These are the same people who start charities, give a large portion of their salaries away and continuously look for opportunities to give. When you check out the landscape of investment firms, it may ... Read More »

The Insurance that Your Business Needs

The Insurance that Your Business Needs If you’re starting a business, then you’ll need insurance. No matter what type of business it is, you’re likely to need some form of insurance. Figuring out which one is the hard part. Employer’s Liability Insurance If you have employees, then you must have employer’s liability insurance. It is a legal requirement and will ... Read More »

Top 7 Small Business Start Up Ideas For College Students

college startup

With almost an unlimited number of possible customers, colleges offer a wide variety of small business options. For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, starting a college based business will help drive the itch into reality. Here are a few ideas of some great small business ideas for college students that can be started right away. Buy and Sell Used Furniture ... Read More »

10 Photos of Google’s New Office in Tel Aviv

Google Tel Aviv Office

Google has finally started its new office in Tel Aviv and in a lot of style. The office is an extension of Google’s work culture. Each floor is the new office is based on a theme, for example Culture & Heritage, Friends & Family, Joy & Optimism etc. These photos are to the credit of Itay Sekolski, who has done a ... Read More »

Ultimate List of 51 Entrepreneur Quotes

entrepreneur quotes

List of 101 entrepreneur quotes. Get motivated and stay pumped with these wise words spoken by entrepreneurs who ceased the day no matter how bad the circumstances were. Quotes are important because they say in a lot in just a few words and are often a result of experiences by the particular person. Also, one can refer to them quickly ... Read More »