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By | 2013/12/01

A career as a CFO, while financially rewarding and a stable employment option, isn’t a walk in the park. As a company’s chief financial officer, your primary job is to keep tabs on all of the financial information that relates to your company: past, present, and predictions and projections for the future. The information that a CFO gathers and keeps as accurate and up to date as possible is crucial for anyone who has a stake in the company — this includes investors, shareholders, creditors, and even employees.

Part of your job as a company’s chief financial officer is to make predictions about the economy and how it will impact your company. This is known as forecasting, and is an integral part of any CFO’s job. Helping your company to capitalize on the information you provide via forecasting will only serve to help your company, and thus you. But it takes time, resources, and investigation to keep track of how the current economy is affecting your company now, and how it and thus your company may change in the future.

Being a CFO is a complex, time-consuming job, and in many instances, there are valuable tools and resources that you can take advantage of to help you with organization and brainstorming. A CFO dashboard can help you keep tabs on cash flow, risk management, controlling costs, minimizing taxes, and increasing profits. CFO dashboards are must-have tools that can reduce inaccuracies and errors while increasing accuracy. By reducing manual reporting and choosing instead to use a dashboard for your company reports, you’ll eliminate a lot of potential headaches.

With the majority of CFOs putting in 12+ hour days, and juggling multiple groups of financial info, and the need to continually compute transactions, update data, and keep all data logged and synchronized, a CFO dashboard is a tool that can make your job run more smoothly and be a little more automated.

But a CFO dashboard isn’t the ideal tool for all chief financial officers. To find out for sure, view an informative CFO dashboard webinar that goes through the basics of a CFO dashboard and why one would be right for you.

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