CollegeFallOut Monthly Traffic Report October 2010

By | 2010/11/02

This is the first time that I am sharing the monthly traffic report for CollegeFallOut. I have seen that for some reason, case people really dig it. So here you go.

The blog has really improved in the terms of bounce rate. Until last month, CFO was averaging a bounce rate of 72% – which is quite unhealthy for any blog. Now it has come down to 31%.

I shared my concern regarding high bounce rate on this post earlier – 2 factors affecting Collegefallout.

In relation to the last month, October finally saw CollegeFallOut crossing the 100+ visits/day mark.  For a long time, this blog only saw a two-digit traffic. The site also scores very high on the average time – 2.05 minutes is the site average.

The site time average and pages/visit tell me that my content quality is quite decent and I should concern with getting more traffic to the blog.

So the main thing that is required now is to increase the site traffic. I am seeing a monthly growth is traffic and I hope that it will quickly snowball into much higher traffic stats.

6 thoughts on “CollegeFallOut Monthly Traffic Report October 2010

  1. Ecardlr

    I too am currently thinking about starting blogging. You have a decent enough traffic, I wish you best of luck for the future


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