CollegeFallOut Now Ranks In Top 10 For “Internet Entrepreneurs” (India)

By | 2010/06/29

Hello Everybody, check

CollegeFallOut is now ranking in top 10 for the keyword “Internet Entrepreneurs” in Google India. For the same keyword, search CollegeFallOut ranks in top 20 results in global searches of Google.

When I began this blog, patient I flatly aimed for the keyword “Internet Entrepreneurs”, with no longtail keywords. It was not a wise SEO decision actually. Since new blogs rarely rank well for such mainstream keywords. However, I guess the persistence is paying off now.

In India, there is not a very significant search volume for the term “internet entrepreneurs”, however, the global searches are quite good. This is why it is important for me to continue working on building keyword rich content until I rank in the top 10 for global searches.

Currently, I am facing quite stiff competition from authority blogs for the same keyword by top bloggers like Michael Dunlop and Yaro Starak. Michael Dunlop runs one of the most popular blogs for young entrepreneurs online.

I hope with continuous work to provide more value to readers, I can enter this keyword niche strongly. I also have to thank all my regular commentators on this blog for their support, which keeps me motivated.

As always, Wishing You All Success.

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