Difficulties of Entrepreneurship From Home

By | 2011/03/11

Earlier on this blog, I have written a post which provided tips on home business for entrepreneurs. No doubt, boot strapping has become the new mantra for new entrepreneurs. Most startup entrepreneurs are looking at their house, garage and basements as potential offices to cut overhead expenses.

In a previous post I have also covered, 3 Tips To Locate First Office.

But for most people who are coming out of corporate professions and turning a part of their house into an office can mean a lot of adjustments and challenges.

Since you work right from home, there is a very high chance that your personal life and work may cross boundaries. So it is very important for you to set clear boundaries of place and time to define working at home. If not, you will find that both your business and personal life are suffering. This is in fact, one of the most practical difficulties faced while practicing entrepreneurship from home.

Here are some pointers to help the difficulties while you are a entrepreneur at home:

Create a barrier between the “work place” and rest of your home

The most important tip perhaps, is to ensure that your office with the home is separate from the rest of your house. As in, it could be in the basement or the garage or it could be the last room down the hall.  This because, for example, if your office is adjoining your living room then you will find that guests, your kids or spouse could always be a distraction to your work.

Vice versa, you might be tempted to check the mail or do some office work right when you are watching a program on television if your office is right in the middle of your house. So set aside your office and keep clear time limits (sparing exceptions during a few busy days of course).

Have Two Telephones, Two Computers

Another useful tip is to have two computers – one for your business and the other for your family personal use. It is also best to have two telephone lines or mobile numbers so that you have a separate line for personal use and professional use. This way you can keep track on the phone bills that you are paying for your business use. At the same time, it will prevent your little kids from answering your phone that might lead to embarrassment for you.

Make Your Family Understand

It is very important that all your family members especially your kids understand that the home office is out of limits for them. The funny thing about not making this rule is that you will find your kids, their friends etc. all coming into your office for stapler, stationary and what not.

So as a rule, teach your family that your home office is really a office and not another part of the house where all the effects are supposed to be at their disposal.

Don’t be desperate to hide that you work from home with your clients

There is really no shame in working from a home office. Most good companies (read Google) started from the simples of places. Although, you may want to keep the fact hidden, do not be too desperate to keep the reality hidden. Because frankly, there is not as much judgement on working from home these days as it was a few years back. Many have started realizing that home based businesses are really quite common these days.

Finally,it is suggested that do not work near a comfortable place to lie down or near a television to turn on. Keep distractions well out of reach. Because, if you are like me, you would soon be flipping channels or having a nice siesta at the time you are supposed to work. Let me know what you think below.

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  1. ashwin shahapurkar

    This is a very interesting topic. even our teacher didn’t tell us this. though the subject(entrepreneurship) is still going on @ college, am learning more and interesting things here. I have to say I find very few topics this intriguing to me and it definitely got me curious to read. thanks for sharing and yes i have already recommended your site to my fellow classmates.


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