Digg-ing Into Kevin Rose

By | 2010/03/07

Kevin Rose is the co-founder of Digg. He is one of the most popular internet entrepreneurs in the world. Kevin Rose is dubbed as the Kid Who Made $60 Million in 18 months.

Kevin Rose is among the most interesting story for a young entrepreneur. He had risked it all to make Digg.com a reality. Rose has also stated that he lost his girlfriend during the launch – as the money which was meant for a house deposit payment went into realizing Digg.

Kevin Rose had pumped in $6000 for starting up Digg.com. The money was meant for the house for him and his girlfriend. This resulted in the fallout between Kevin Rose and his girlfriend. Ruefully, Rose has quoted

No matter what happens with Digg, I won’t put business first again.

After this, Kevin Rose has had a string of public relationships. Most of them which flopped. Sarah Lane,  Roseys Palm , Shira Lazar  have all been Kevin Rose’ girlfriends. It is quite clear that Kevin Rose is not exactly well known for his long term commitments.

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That is Kevin Rose in the picture above. Funny, I never knew chicks digg-ed guys who wore Mozilla T-shirts! And by the way, did anyone catch what Kevin Rose is looking at in the photo above?

At least now we know where the $5,500/hour of that millionaire’s cash is going to…By the way Kevin Rose this is personal website.

6 thoughts on “Digg-ing Into Kevin Rose

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    1. Vivek Post author

      @Srivathsan: Yeah! Its like a celeb thing!

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  3. Vincent Vagabond

    Kevin Rose is really an awesome fellow. He is being much criticized these days though. The bury button will be back again as the rumors say.

  4. Swaroop Anand

    Huge money makers like Kevin Rose get all the hot girls in the world and are often on the media. wishing to be like him…


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