Don’t Waste Your Time – Blog More, Think Less

By | 2010/09/09

I have always liked this two-faced personality of blogging. On the face, blogging looks pretty simple – write a few words as an article and post it. But as easy as blogging looks, it is among the most tedious and lonely jobs a person can opt for. In this cut-throat competition, bloggers are getting lonelier than ever due to the endless Guest posting, Commenting on DoFollow Blogs, Link Building and SEO. I am sure many will feel that it is never enough. And no matter how much you have improved your traffic and income, you will always feel thirsty for more.

So if you really want to put your blogging on the fast track then it very important that you do more and think less.

Most bloggers waste a lot of time, simply thinking things that are generally not even productive. Right from, what content to write on to what theme to use on the blog. The fact is that, the more time you are simply going to sit and think about the topic – the more counter-productive they have become.

Also, minimize browsing every successful blog. Have a particular set that you like to vist, subscribe to their feed if you want to save even more time. It is a good motivation to see other successful blogs but if you simply watch them every day then you are wasting many hours of a month which you could have been invaluable for your own blog. I had this bad habit of opening up successful blogs and then looking around it and pondering how he achieved it. Don’t waste your time, learn from my mistake.

Day-dreaming is another big issue for bloggers. Particularly, because I am a serious victim of this myself. Whenever, I am doing even some other work I will begin to daydream about having a very profitable blog that has become so popular that it basically doesn’t even need to me to write an article because I am flooded with guest posts. It feels good I tell you – but it is also a big distraction because currently there are a lot of other things that are of much higher priority than my blog. So if I am day dreaming then I am affecting my productivity in other areas of my life.

It is much wiser to keep your blogging enthusiasm till you actually sit down to blog. Once you do that, you will automatically find perspective into things. Have a fixed time to do your blogging, and in that time do the best damage you can and make the biggest dent possible in the blogosphere. Trust me, most big guys reach there like that. Life is not fair, so you need to be flexible to challenge it and win against it.

Hope you liked this post. I would really like some comments, at least this time.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Time – Blog More, Think Less

  1. Jal

    This is true. Writing more and more posts actually gives more entry points to a potential visitor. It all happens gradually and only to those who don’t quit writing stuff. I agree to an extent that blogging is a lonely job but once you go above Google PR 3 or 4 with a decent Alexa rank, you get noticed. After that it’s not lonely anymore. What you say, does matter then. It’s about time and it’s about the patient ones.

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @Jal- Hi Jal, thanks for your comment! 😀 Yes, more post means higher probability of being found on the web.

  2. Katya

    This will be a problemfor me because I think more and write less but hey thanks anyway for the interesting post. It has given me something to think about


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