6 Effective Steps To Start A Small Business Blog And Profit

By | 2013/01/07

You could make a living online with a small business blog. But you MUST make up your mind to work hard & smart. The easy part is buying a domain name and installing wordpress. Solving problems might not be so much fun – do you agree? If you look around, drugs you’d see successful blogs and if you dare ask questions, see you’d discover that a lot of ACTION STEPS were involved in growing them. Outsourced marketing companies are an effective marketing plan option as well.  They are the experts when it comes to organizing and bringing out the best in your business.

When you want to make money with a small business blog, you should think about niche marketing. Because that’s the only way to stand out, motivate and help your target audience become better.

Earning a living online is all about changing your own world. It begins with the words you craft; blog posts, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts you name them.

If you’re not ready to put smiles in the faces of people and satisfy them, struggles would continue.

The six steps to build a profitable small business blog are:

1.       Narrow your niche

The focus is on small business. That means you shouldn’t broaden your niche. It’d be very unwise if you ignore a select group of people who have similar problems.

Did you know why several small business entrepreneurs; despite the good niche they selected, are still broke?

The #1 reason is because they didn’t narrow or laser-target a micro niche. In other words, don’t start a blog about general “Health.”

Instead, go deeper and start a blog that addresses a particular health issue like high blood pressure, arthritis, acne, warts, wellness etc.

You’ve a better chance of succeeding in a smaller niche. Because you’d be able to reach the target audience with a hand stretch. Isn’t it wonderful?

2.       Launch your blog

Before you launch your blog, you need to do a keyword research. You’ve got to find out the search queries potential customers are using to search for information in your niche. Without an indepth keyword research, you’d drown in search engines pages.

Google keywords tool will not only show you the key phrases to target, but also, the volume and whether the term is informational or commercial. Ideally, select a long-tail keyword and make it your foundation.

After selecting the domain name, which of course should include the primary keywords, you’d need to select 5 – 10 long-tail key terms to base your initial cornerstone content.

When you’re ready to launch your blog, use the wordpress CMS – it’s flexible, user-friendly and professional.

3.       Start writing quality content

There is nothing that could bring you profit, more than quality content. You need to be consistent with the quality of articles you put out both on your blog and as a guest post.

When you write content, pour your mind into it. Let the words flow profusely and use the search queries you researched earlier to “GUIDE” The content.

Ideally, write content that people can find helpful, valuable and practicable.

If they can take action and achieve a definite result that they’ve always wanted, your bounce rate would reduce, because readers can click to read more of your informative content.

4.       Track your traffic and influence

It doesn’t matter the amount of targeted traffic your small business blog receives daily, if you’re not tracking it, it’d waste. How on earth do you intend to understand your visitors if you didn’t study them?

Which geographical location is your traffic coming from mostly? Find out what search queries are bringing in the highest volume of traffic, and which days it happens the most.

Quality traffic can boost your influence online and position your brand better – which is why tracking is vital.

Google analytics tool and other social media monitoring tools are necessarily for knowing what’s really happening with your blog. Whether it’s growing or not.

Until you know your bounce rate and the pageviews you’ve on your content, you’ll not improve your conversion. This is a fact!

And the main purpose of starting a small business blog is to help people; solve their problems as well as lead them through a sales funnel where they can purchase a valuable product – and consequently make you richer. If that’s what you desire, don’t forget to track your traffic.

5.       Monetize your business blog

As an entrepreneur, you have just one assignment once your blog has started to garner active audience. You may think that your visitors are satisfied with free content that you share with them, but that’s not true.

Blog readers and prospects want some more. And they’re willing to pay handsomely for your products, providing that it can solve their problems. I’ve seen the impact of creating a product and using it to enrich the lives of others.

Of course, you need the money, but the best advice I’d give is that you focus on adding value to people’s lives. Successful small business blogs are thriving today because they’ve solved a lot of problems in their niche. Remember, narrow your niche so you can FOCUS on people who matter.

You’ve been sent into this world to transform lives – either you do it with your product, which is made known at your blog or you go offline and begin to fulfill this mandate.

Monetize your traffic by recommending products (affiliate products & your own products). It’s the easiest way to make money online.

6.       Build a community

As you monetize your small business blog, bear in mind that building a community around your blog is the key. Your business goal ought to provide an avenue where your target audience can find helpful answers consistently.

You could start a discussion board, install chat scripts, or create a web 2.0 feature with your small business blog.

People can write, upload, edit and share their own content and that of others. That’s the way to grow BIGGER every passing day. And it’s a sure way to make a lot of money online with your blog.

Small business takeaway

Did you read the six steps to start a Small Business Blog with all of your heart? If you did, then you’re prepared to make profit as a blogger.

Blogging has changed the way people communicate and sell products.

And don’t forget to use a simple and professional wordpress theme for your blog. It can make a whole lot of difference. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post – See you at the top!

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