Entering the Age of Cyber Warfare

By | 2009/11/17

One of the world’s biggest internet security firm McAfee has claimed that Cyber warfare between nations has become a reality with time progressing. Soon we will see geeky hackers fighting alongside muscular ground troops.

Many nations have begun to arm themselves in order to defend a possible Cyber war and also readying forces to conduct their own attacks. Real wars can cost a nation billions of dollars whereas, a Cyber war is a much more convenient mode of attacking enemy territories. But what will these net-based attackers aim at?

The answer is that an internet attack can severely damage a nation’s infrastructure.

McAfee’s analysis were to discover the motive behind these attacks -BBC reported that McAfee has  showed that many were internet attacks were mounted with a explicitly political aim. Greg Day, a Primary Security Analyst at McAfee (Europe) said that there are five known nations who are hard at work to defend themselves from cyber warfare. The five nations are UK, Germany, France, China and North Korea.

I think the new generation of warfare has gone to a whole new level of crazy. One of the most obvious advantages of Internet warfare is that it will be incredibly difficult to even trace from who/which nation a particular attack came from!

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  1. payday advances online

    I agree that is a viable threat that we should take a little more seriously. If you think about a hacker and if they hacked into the Pentagon computer system, the muscular soldiers are going to be no good to us beause they will have already been wiped out.


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