Eye-Opener for Internet Entrepreneurs: Blogs are NOT a Business

By | 2010/04/18

This post is for all those bloggers who declare themselves as a CEO or an Internet Entrepreneur after they start a blog. It is a reality check for all those people out there who think Internet Entrepreneurship is all about blogging. In fact, blogs are not in any way considered a business. At least not until you have made it into some kind of a money making machine.

Today, you will see millions of dead blogs strewn over the internet – all started with great enthusiasm and zeal, but some how things just refused to work out. Most blogs will never make any money on the internet and there is a very good reason for it. The number one reason is the total lack of a business model.

Most people have blogs but very few people have businesses. Blogs can only become a business when it has a revenue-generating model.

There must be some method of monetization of generating revenue from your blog. Having said this, simply creating a blog and pasting it with Google Adsense will never be a good revenue model – at least not until you have a high-traffic site.

The trick is to have a blog which mediates your business which can be any of the following:

  • Sell Affiliate Products
  • Reviews Advertisers
  • Membership Sites
  • Sell E-Books etc.

Your blog is more or less a promotional tool to boost the performance of your business. So if you would want to take my advice, create a solid online business like a real entrepreneur and then optimize your blog to drive people into whatever your objective is.

For example,

  • Gary Vaynerchuk well-known as the$60 million video blogger did not become rich by simply pumping out videos. He had a business plan at the back of it and the video blogs where just a way of promotion to it.
  • Michael Dunlop does not display a single ad on his high-traffic blog. He earns more money in a month than most people make in a year working 9-5. His money making model is by providing his readers with a system to create a blog – so he sells affiliate domain names, domain hosts and wordpress templates. An effective way to monetize traffic.
  • Similarly, David Risley is a “pro-blogger” who does not show any money from his blog but he drives people to join his membership site – “The Inner Circle“.

Hope you get the drift. So when you begin to blog – make sure you are blogging to promote a business and don’t consider your blog as a business in itself.

Let me know your thoughts on this below.

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