Facebook Movie: A Poor Tribute To Mark Zuckerberg

By | 2010/10/05

The Social Network is dubbed as the “Facebook” movie is a film about the finding of Facebook and about its smug founder Mark Zuckerberg. The movie charts the history of the website from its launch by Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend at Harvard University. It goes on to track the legal battle between Zuckerberg and his friend and three other fellow students at Harvard who claim he stole their idea.

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The movie is a poor contribution to the man who has changed the rules of social media, The Social Network ends off by giving viewers a totally wrong impression about the real Mark Zuckerberg. This movie begins with Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend dumping him which creates a devious, sex-obsessed, desperate-for-the-attention-of-a-woman guy and thereon goes to find Facebook. While in fact, he had a girlfriend during the whole time.

With the The Social Network, internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg gets the Hollywood treatment, where reality and fiction blurs lines. In the movie, Zuckerberg is portrayed as a socially-awkward, insecure and an ego-maniac. This may have come from the smug image that he maintains.

David Kirkpatrick the author of “The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World” claims the movie is only 40% true,

“Zuckerberg is unbelievably confident and secure. And he is not snide and sarcastic in a cruel way, the way Zuckerberg is played in the movie,” he says.

The Social Network has already grossed $23 million in its opening weekend.

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Although agreed, he is a geek, with the founding of Facebook, Zuckerberg has clearly proved that he has a much better understanding of the social dynamics in colleges and schools than anyone else out there. Hollywood has no obligation to portray the truth about a person, however, it is important we all know that Mark Zuckerberg is actually a remarkably successful, ambitious human being, and one that I think all of us could probably learn a little from.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Movie: A Poor Tribute To Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Mia

    Indeed it’s just a movie and not documentary, so the main purpose is to attract people into cinemas and gain profit. I wouldn’t say that this movie is representative for a generation, but it does show in a very Hollywoodian way the importance of internet environments such as Facebook.

  2. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Hey have you seen it. It’s quite negative review from your part. I was interested to watch this one but now after reading this post I am not sure. Anyway I love Facebook more than any other social network.

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